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Founded with the vision of reaching successful goals in the education and consultancy sector, aims to establish long-term collaborations with companies. Without compromising the quality of the service we offer, it has adopted the principle of "your job is our job" to the demands of our customers.

Our team consists of experts experienced in consulting, certification and training.
How Should Masks Be? TSE President Explained
Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) President Prof. Dr. Adem Şahin said that the protection of the cloth mask and the surgical mask is equal. TSE President: Standard mask should be a barrier to lets larger than 3 microns.
Professional Certification Service
With our Professional Certification and Consultancy Service, our expert staff makes your company ready for all audits and documents in a short time.
For Your Concern About The Sector
For your concerns about the sector, you can send your questions to our company via the QUESTION ASK menu on our website.
Our Website is Online
In order to serve you better, we have renewed our website using developing internet technologies.
Sustainability Assessment Systems
Welcome to EKOL CERTIFICATION, where you can get information about Sustainability Assessment Systems and provide all the service your company needs from expert consultants.
Corporate Carbon Footprint Measurement
You can benefit from almost every service in Turkey from our EKOL CERTIFICATION company for Corporate Carbon Footprint Measurement and Calculation.
Carbon Footprint Measurement Service
You can call EKOL Certification company for Carbon Footprint Measurement Service and have these calculations done for your company in a short time.
Carbon Footprint Calculation Service
Our company Ekol Certification, which you came across during your research in order to get Carbon Footprint Calculation Service, can offer you the best service at the most affordable prices in this field.
Carbon Footprint Reporting
You can access all the information you are wondering about Carbon Footprint Reporting on the corporate website of Ekol Certification and get support from expert consultants.
Kosher Certificate Price Offer
In order to get a Kosher Certificate Price Quotation, you can immediately get information on the website of Ekol Certification and access the offers that are suitable for you.
Getting Kosher Certification
Check out all the information you are curious about to get Kosher Certificate, the way to get the certificate and the services that Ekol Certification offers you right now on our website.
Kosher Certificates
You can reach the best content about Kosher Certificate on our website and you can have your "kosher certificate" transactions with Ekol Certification in a short time.
Approved ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard
As Ekol Certification, we have answered many questions about the approved ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard for you, our valued visitors, on our corporate website.
CE Technical File
Ekol is the first choice of every business that wants to prepare CE Technical File ... Welcome to the company where the technical files required for the CE Certification systems you need in our company are prepared in the fastest way.
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