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As Ekol Certification, we have been providing our services in the fields of management systems, product certification, surveillance, testing and calibration with our experienced staff for many years. Our brand, known and recognized in our sector, continues its activities successfully thanks to its expert staff.

Our company is an organization that can offer professional services in many areas such as training, inspection services, supply chain management, product testing, security solutions, depending on the management system standards. Ekol Certification, which stands by institutions that want to take successful steps in the field of ISO and CE certificates, helps organizations to improve their performance, reduce their risks and achieve their overall growth in a sustainable manner.

Our organization, which stands by you with system certification, standard certification, conformity certification, product and food certification services, can also provide comprehensive services such as periodic control and inspection services, industrial tests, laboratory services and tests.

As Ekol Certification, it provides you with fast and trouble-free services in professional and administrative matters with its latest technology hardware and software. We have a successful staff that provides training on all activities of institutions and organizations within the business. and documents you need, wherever you are in Turkey, where we provide Ekol brand. Necessary follow-up and training, including your company senior management team and company personnel, can be provided by our successful consultants.

We are able to serve all fields of activity and every capacity, regardless of the size of the sector and the company. Our website includes all the services we offer. Ekol Certification employees, who have a highly superior staff and experienced trainers than our competitors, consist of people who have proven themselves in their field.

Ekol Certification does not only provide the requested services, but also always conveys information about the developments in our country and the world regarding the service received to you, our valued customers, and ensures that your staff are informed.

Our certification institution is the company that supervises the establishment and operation of companies that want to be included in the quality management systems in accordance with the standard requirements and documents the relevant documents.

Turkey´s most preferred institutions Ekol Certification Training and Consulting at your disposal.

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