Biocidal Product License

First of all, let´s look at the definition of biocidal products, an active substance that has one or more active substances, is offered for sale as ready-to-use, does not have a destructive effect on any harmful organisms in chemical or biological terms, does not restrict movements, makes harmless and does not disappear, are called preparations.

If a more comprehensive explanation is required, it contains an active substance or microorganism, including viruses, fungi with general and special effects on all harmful organisms, ready for sale by using more than one or one active substance, chemical, biological, harmful organism. All of the products that have a destructive effect, remove it or restrict its movement are biocidal products.

The license application demands of biocidal products, which are popular in the world and in our country, have increased recently, and we now encounter biocidal products almost everywhere in the market.

The first stage of the applications for biocidal products is T.C. Ministry of Health Public Health Organization are carried out in Turkey. After all your files and contents of the relevant institutions are complete and you are perceived as suitable, you are entitled to obtain your license and you can ensure that your product is included in the inventory list of the permitted products of the relevant institutions.

We would like you to know that disinfectant substances have also been included in this scope recently. Apart from disinfectants, products produced for pests, mice, cockroaches and flies are included in the scope.

Biocidal Products Regulation

In our country, which acts in accordance with the European Union regulations, more effective biocidal control is aimed. In this context, T.C. It was prepared by the Ministry of Health in accordance with EU (European Union) 98/8 / EC directives and the relevant regulation entered into force after being published in the official gazette on 31 December 2009 in our country.

The main purpose of the regulation is to evaluate all the risks on the environment and human beings of the products in the biocidal category and to control the production phase of these evaluated risks. It is ensured that the necessary inspections are carried out for the importation, licensing, registration, packaging and labeling, classification of the companies and their products within the scope of the biocidal product regulation, and the introduction of the products to the market. If you want to produce and market your products in accordance with the biocidal product regulation, the consultancy services you will receive from our Ekol Certification company will guide you.

Notification of Biocidal Products to the Inventory

As Ekol Certification, we follow all stages from beginning to end in order to certify your product and make it a suitable product. Some of the topics that we will serve you in this field are as follows;

* Preparation of appropriate labels for your product
* Preparing the inventory notification form for the product completely and completely
* Online notification of relevant applications on behalf of the product
* Preparation of safety data sheets for your product in accordance with the regulation is provided.

At the same time, our consultants, who have mastered the biocidal products regulation depending on the relevant services, check and separate your product according to the substances actively listed in the regulation, whether it is a biocidal product or a low risk biocidal product. As a result of this distinction to be made by our company, the inventory notification will be completed within the scope of your products and the license / registration processes will need to be initiated.

At the required pre-application stages, our expert consultants prepare your MSDS forms competently. Safety data sheets of your products are indispensable. Pre-applications and other documents of the msds forms to be prepared will be provided by our company. At the same time, samples will be taken from your products and sent to authorized laboratories for accurate sample analysis.

You can get general consultancy from Ekol Certification company for biocidal product licensing service. MSDS (material safety data sheets) required by your products are prepared by our certified experts and labels are created in accordance with the regulation.

You can reach us from our Ekol Certification website, which you are examining for any questions and problems you have in mind, and get all kinds of information without hesitation. Whether you´re in Turkey, where, the license may have about your place in the biocidal product categories and across all application areas in order to move freely in the market, we´re here at all stages.

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