Bonnet, Overshoes and Gloves CE Certificate


Today, many chemical products can be produced thanks to the developing and changing technology. While some of these products (such as Poly Vinyl Chloride - PVC) are very useful for us, some of them can be harmful in the short term or long term (paraben, phthalate, etc.). Knowing whether these chemicals meet some standards related to human health is a topic that many consumers want to learn. CE marking is an arrangement made with these and similar objectives.

One of the products whose use and importance has increased due to diseases such as Covid-19, SARS and Ebola that have emerged in recent years, are masks, hand cleaning gels (disinfectants), caps, shoe covers, gloves and overalls. Bonnet, Overshoe and Glove CE Certificate process (ie CE certificate for these products), authorized companies should be applied. The producers can apply to the companies that issue the CE Certificate to certify the products they produce and thus; It can obtain the right to freely sell in the EEA, reliability and customer satisfaction.

CE marking is mandatory products are to be exported to the EU without this mark and sold in Turkey, distribution, and can be seen as difficult or even impossible to use. Because, with the regulations issued recently, it has been made mandatory for many products to have CE marks. To get information about these regulations, you can enter the regulations page at More detailed information about the applicable legislation can be obtained by finding relevant regulations here.

Some conditions sought in nylon caps, shoe covers and gloves used in hospitals;

* Thickness of 60 microns,
* To be made of first use nylon,
* The bottom part is seamless and seamless,
* Front and back seams are reinforced,
* The shoe cover is reinforced with quality rubber
* Products must be liquid impermeable and resistant to tearing,
* Overshoes must be suitable for size 45 shoes,
* Having CE Certificate,
can be listed as.

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