CE Certificate for Gas Burning Devices


The usage area of ??gas appliances is quite wide and they meet some basic needs of people such as cooking, heating, cooling and lighting. Generally, gas-fired products are used for cooking, heating, hot water production and cooling, and the temperature does not exceed 105. The European Union first published the Gas Burning Devices Directive in 1990 and revised it in 2009 (2009/142 / EC). Gas Appliances Regulation 2016/426 / EU (GAR) was published by the European Commission on 31 March 2016 and the transition process became mandatory in EU countries as of 21 April 2018.

The new regulation includes the basic requirements for a device or equipment to be placed on the market in the EU. In principle, gas appliances and equipment should not normally cause harm to people, animals or objects. This approach has been enacted to get these tools on the market. Various research and development studies have been carried out to determine the dangers and risks of gas burning equipment.

Who is for the Gas Device Regulation and What Does It Cover?

The regulation is for manufacturers of devices or equipment designed or manufactured to be placed on the European market, including own brand retailers. It is valid, including gas-firing devices operating at normal temperature with any fuel in gas phase under 1 bar pressure and 15 ° C conditions, products used for industrial purposes in industrial facilities, regulatory and control equipment and sub-equipment. According to the regulation, all gas appliances and equipment operating under these conditions and covered by the regulation must bear the CE mark. The companies that produce the devices covered by these products can obtain this certificate if they have produced the products in accordance with the standards of the Gas Burning Devices regulation, have fulfilled the requirements of the regulation and have successfully completed the tests and inspection procedures carried out. Since certified products are products with proven reliability, this is very important for the company´s image and competitive advantage.

A number of compliance modules required by regulations are as follows:

* Type Examination
* Declaration of Type Conformity
* Product Quality Assurance
* Production Quality Assurance
* Type Verification
* Full Quality Assurance
* Internal Production Controls After Final Evaluation
* Material Approval
* Design Review
* Conformity Assessment Module Explanations

EC Type Examination

* MODULE B: Includes type tests. With the new regulation, the validity of the type examination certificate is limited to 10 years.

EC Type Declaration of Conformity

* MODULE C2: The inspection module, named as Module C in the old regulation, is called C2 in the new regulation. It is an inspection-based inspection module performed at the production site at random intervals. Production Quality Assurance

* MODULE D: The manufacturer´s declaration of the quality system that will guarantee the conformity of the devices to the type specified in the EC type examination certificate and the compliance with the basic requirements of the regulation. Product Quality Assurance

* MODULE E: It is a Quality Management System based control module for a production that includes only the assembly phase. It is the declaration that the relevant devices are in conformity with the type defined in the EC type examination certificate and that there is a quality system to ensure compliance with the basic requirements of the regulation. EC Validation

* MODULE F: It is the control module that should be applied to each statistical based device.

AT Unit Verification

* MODULE G: It is the certification module that is applied for a single product and all necessary tests must be performed.

Some of the products covered by the Gas Burning Devices Directive are:

* Central heating boilers
* Independent gas heaters
* Devices using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
* Industrial gas applications
* Domestic gas water heaters
* Gas ??powered radiant heaters
* Gas ??hobs
* Rubber and Plastic hoses and accessories
* Fan blowing gas burners
* Gas ??air heaters
* Gas ??valve
* Igniters
* Safety valve gas taps and valves (excluding ball valves within the scope of EN 331)
* Safety and control devices for controlling gas burners and gas burning appliances
* Condensing gas fired wall type and floor type hot water boilers (used in central heating systems)
* Products specially designed for industrial processes carried out in industrial facilities
* Products used in aircraft and railways
* Research products intended for temporary use in laboratories
* Devices that have historical or artistic value and are not put into service, eg. antiques
* Persons who unprofessionally manufacture devices and use the products only for their own purposes.
* Gas ??fired barbecues, barbecues etc. Products that do not serve gas-fired industrial purposes are also considered within the scope of this regulation.

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