CE Certificate for Machines


The Machinery Directive, published in 1993, has been fully implemented as of 1995, after a two-year transition period. The CE Marking of a machine indicates that the machine complies with the essential health and safety requirements of the 2006/42 / EC Machinery Directive and that this machine can be sold within the EEA. The beginning of the problems that every machine manufacturer is faced with from time to time and that he cannot arise starts with the customer requesting Machine CE certificate for the product he will buy, according to the 2006/42 / EC Machine Safety regulation. Within the scope of this directive, a label bearing the CE mark and a CE certificate provided according to the requirements of the relevant regulation must be available for each machine. If it is fully implemented and tested in accordance with the Annex 1 "BASIC Health and Safety Requirements" of the regulation, the machines can obtain CE certificate and affix the CE mark.

According to the machine safety regulation, a machine´s hazard analysis and risk assessment must be performed.

Below are some of the machine CE tests:

* Machine Noise Determination
* Machine vibration tests
* Insulation Test
* High Voltage Test
* Leakage Current Test
* Earth Line Continuity Test
* EN 60204-1 Electrical Safety Tests
* EN ISO 13857 Control of clearances
* EN ISO 13850 Emergency Stop button control
* EN ISO 13849-1 EN ISO 13849-2 Inspection of control circuits
* EN ISO 4413, 4414, Control of hydraulic, pneumatic systems
* Type examination on C Type standard, if any

If the product is one of the machines defined in 23 categories as risky in the Machinery Regulation and does not comply with the EC Harmonized Standard, which covers all basic health and safety requirements, the notified body is required to carry out conformity assessment activity. If the Notified Body is convinced of the conformity of the product, it confirms the conformity by publishing the document that we call CE Certificate, which is an EC Type Examination Certificate or a Full Quality Assurance certificate.

CE Mark:

* All new machines to enter the market for the first time, regardless of whether the manufacturer is located inside or outside the EU
* The European Union and second-hand machines to be imported to Turkey market
* The European Union and Turkey completely refurbished machines or equipment offered to the market.

How should CE Marks be affixed to the Machines?

The CE mark attached to the machines is attached to the dimensions in the image below. The vertical length should be at least 5 mm, but the length can be changed on machines with small dimensions. The identity number of the Notified Body must be written next to the CE Marks on machines with full Quality Assurance and CE certification. Regardless of the role of the notified body, the manufacturer is obliged to prepare an EC Declaration of Conformity and technical file and carry out conformity assessment activities, which are legally binding.

The points to be considered are listed below:

* Name and address of the manufacturer or its authorized representative (or importer),
* Description of the product (structure, type, serial number etc.)
* All provisions that the product complies with,
* If available, the name and address of the notified body that approved the conformity of the product and the number of the EC examination certificate,
* Numbers of European standards taken as basis for production conformity assessment, if any
* Reference to spindle standards and technical specifications, if any,
* Name and signature of the person authorized to make a commitment on behalf of the manufacturer or its authorized representative / importer,
* The last two numbers of the year in which the CE mark is affixed must be included.

Some of the situations that the manufacturer or the company must do to obtain CE Certificate are listed below:

* To ensure that the product fulfills the basic health and safety requirements,
* To prepare the Technical File (contains all information about the product) related to the product,
* To prepare the instructions about the product (such as usage, attention to be paid, marks for use on the product),
* Ensuring that necessary actions are taken for Conformity Assessment,
* The EC Declaration of Conformity must be prepared in accordance with the product.
* As a result of all these, within the scope of the Machinery Regulation, CE Conformity Mark is attached to the product after the product´s conformity.

The things to be done in order for the machines to meet the basic safety requirements are as follows;

* Risk assessment should be made to specify health and safety conditions and the probability of occurrence should be estimated so that these risks do not pose a danger.
* The operating instructions of the machines should be prepared and the risks resulting from misuse should be specified.
* Any hazards that can be created by machines must be specified and described.
* Security measures should be specified or taken to eliminate the dangers and risks that may occur or to reduce these risks.
* Instructions should be written for safe use of the machines.

CE Marking is mandatory for machines of production lines and equipment for industrial use without the CE certificate for export to the European Union, imports into Turkey from third countries and sales in Turkey is not possible. The validity period of the machine CE certificate is five years if the standards and regulations are kept up to date, unless otherwise.

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