CE Certificate in Personal Protective Equipment


The CE mark of Personal Protective Equipment shows that the products comply with the basic requirements of the relevant directives in force and are subject to the conformity assessment processes specified in the directives. During the Personal Protective Equipment CE Certificate process, we also serve as the EKOL Certification body.

Personal Protective Equipment is evaluated and defined as tools or devices designed for the purpose of wearing, wearing or carrying the employees to protect against various security risks, and designed to provide health and safety directly or indirectly. The European Union policy on Personal Protective Equipment aims to define the basic health and safety requirements that must be fulfilled by manufacturers and to remove barriers to trade in these products in the domestic market.

Who is the Personal Protective Equipment Directive for?

The Directive is for Personal Protective Equipment manufacturers who want to market their products in the European Union. When a manufacturer meets the directive requirements, they will be able to CE mark their products. CE marking of Personal Protective Equipment in the presence of, that meets the requirements and is an indicator could be sold in the European Economic Area and in Turkey.

Personal Protective Equipment can be used for the following purposes:

* To prevent work accidents or occupational diseases
* Protecting employees from health and safety risks
* Improving health and safety conditions in the work environment

The responsibility of Personal Protective Equipment is on the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The regulation on the use of Personal Protective Equipment in workplaces was issued by this ministry in 2013. With this regulation, it is aimed to prevent possible risks in workplaces and to minimize them. In addition, according to the regulation, Personal Protective Equipment is used in cases where risks cannot be prevented by technical measures to ensure collective protection or work organization and working methods.

Certification Process of Personal Protective Equipment

It is the process of determining that the product meets the basic health and safety requirements specified in the regulation and is produced in accordance with its technical regulation. The Certification Process starts with the determination of the category of personal guard equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment categories;

* Simple personal protective equipment
* It consists of products designed to protect the user against progressive or exceptional risks.
* Other personal protective equipment: For example, it includes emergency equipment for use at very high or very low temperatures, respirators and Personal Protection Equipment that provides protection against falls from heights.
* Complex personal protective equipment: Includes Personal Protection Equipment not defined in the above two items.

The Directive does not apply to PPE designed for use by the armed forces and police, for self-defense or rescue operations on aircraft or ships.

Conformity Assessment

Conformity assessment is the activities carried out for the examination and testing of personal protective equipment in accordance with technical regulations and certification if requested. Within the scope of Personal Protective Equipment, conformity assessment studies are carried out by inspection and testing or certification bodies authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The European Union Declaration of Conformity is the document that the manufacturer declares that it has been produced in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Personal Protective Equipment issued by itself and put on the market.

“You can present your products to the European market by fulfilling the directive requirements. As EKOL Certification Body, we can help you access markets, comply with legislation and grow your organization internationally. "

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