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Ekol Certification can provide the CE certificate you need for any device, product to be able to navigate and sell comfortably within the markets of the countries in the European Union. By adapting all the conditions required for your products according to the legislation and ensuring the health and safety conditions on behalf of the product, you can have the CE certificate and the CE mark. You must have CE CERTIFICATE in order to be able to make your production within the approach policies in the European Union and to present that your products are produced in accordance with health and environmental conditions. The CE Mark is an indication that your product is reliable.

This certification system has many search methods by companies. Generally, the most common search terms we come across are ce brand, ce mark, ce certificate and ce certificate. CE is a completely official mark and has certain standards. This mark must be integrated into the product and placed on the product by the manufacturer companies. CE mark indicates the quality level of the product, it is very important for the manufacturer to have the CE mark on the product. You can call Ekol Certification firm at any time and request an offer from our company to learn all kinds of information about the product and to get consultancy about the way you will follow to have the Ce Mark in your products.

As Ekol Certification, we stand by every organization that wants to export its products to the EU market. Today in many cities in Turkey has served many companies that manufacture our company. Our company, which is located in Istanbul, continues its activities in the distinguished cities of our country, reaches every exporting company and we provide services with our expert consultants in order to provide the CE Mark on its products. For CE certificate consultancy service, you can call our numbers on our corporate site, which you immediately review.


This sign, which means Conformity to Europe, indicates that the products sold within the Community are inspected / evaluated according to the minimum safety, health and environmental protection requirements. The "CE" Brand was named after the initials of the words "Conformité Européene", which means "Conformity to Europe" in French. This regulation obliges the manufacturers to use the CE mark on the products, on their packaging and on all kinds of documents about the product. If a product to be sold in the European Union market falls within the scope of one or more of the European Union Directives, it is a legal obligation to carry the CE Mark.

CE Certificate Benefits

* CE Mark ensures the free movement and marketing of the product in EU countries,
* Industrialists are obliged to put "CE" mark on the product in order to market their products at national and international level,
* CE Mark indicates the product´s compliance with EU technical legislation,
* CE Mark acts as a kind of product passport,
* CE Mark is definitely not a quality mark and warranty certificate,
* CE Mark indicates the starting level of quality,
* CE Mark, products below this level are classified as unsafe and are not placed on the market, so they are considered poor quality,
* CE Marked product cannot be rejected in EU countries by providing legal grounds for norms,
* CE Mark is an indicator of compliance with New Approach directives.

European Union, New Approach, Global and Modular Approach Directives Below is a list of Directives prepared and published within the scope of the New Approach Policy, which plays an important role in achieving the Single Market target of the EU and constitutes one of the cornerstones of technical harmonization.

CE marking Directives

* Low Voltage Directive 2006/95 EC and its amendments
* Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336 / EEC and its amendments (for Industrial Kitchen)
* Machinery Safety Directive 98/37 / EC - 98/37 / AT
* Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686 / EC - 89/66 / EC
* Elevator Directive 95/16 / EC - 95/16 / EC
* Medical Devices Directive 93/42 / EEC - 93/42 / EC
* ATEX Directive 94/9 / EC - 94/9 / AT
* Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive 99/5 / EC - 99/5 / AT
* Noise Directive 2000/14 / EC - 2000/14 / EC
* Machine and Tool Tests (LVD, EMC etc.) (for Industrial Kitchen)
* Toy Directive 88/378 / EEC
* Directive on Energy Efficiency of Fluorescent Lighting Ballasts (2000/55 / ??EC)
* Portable Pressure Equipment Directive (99/36 / EC)
* Regulation on Energy Efficiency Requirements of Household Electric Refrigerators, Freezers and Combinations (96/57 / EC)
* Measuring Instruments Regulation
* Directive on Cable Transport Installation Designed to Carry People (2000/9 / AT)
* Outside the Body Medical Diagnostic Devices Regulation
* Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EC)
* Regulation on Equipment and Protective Systems Used in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (94/9 / AT)
* Regulation on Gas Burning Devices (90/396 / EC)
* Implantable Active Medical Devices Regulation
* Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Directive (90/384 / AT)
* Regulation on Certification of Explosives for Civil Use, Placing on the Market and Inspection (93/15 / EC)
* Packaging and Packaging Waste Control Regulation
* Building Materials Regulation
* Excursion Boats Regulation
* Simple Pressure Vessels Regulation
* Ship Equipment Regulation

How to get CE Certificate?

These procedures must be completed before the product is released to the market by following the product conformity assessment procedures including testing, inspection and / or CE certification studies. Our producers should verify the regulations within the scope of their products, and if necessary, apply to authorized notified bodies to submit a conformity assessment process in this area.

“As EKOL Certification Firm, we will be very happy to support you in CE certification processes. You can contact us for detailed information. "

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