Ce Technical File Preparation

Have you examined this content where we have given detailed information about Technical File Preparation and all the files you need in order to obtain CE certificate will be prepared by our experts?

We are aware that every company that wants to obtain a CE mark will be faced with a technical file term in the process. In order not to put you in trouble, Ekol Certification provides all technical documentation, risk analysis, technical drawings, test and analysis reports, component certificates, declarations of conformity, if any In addition to having documents such as the / establishment certificate and user manual, we are at your side. Technical file details should be included for each type of products produced by manufacturers. If deemed appropriate, these technical files should be sent in order to be presented to the market surveillance institutions and competent authorities and at the same time, the manufacturer should always keep them in their archives.


Ekol Certification helps you to take all necessary directives, product types and standards regarding the technical file in accordance with the legislation. With our expert consultants in the field, all the details of the technical file in accordance with the legislation you need to obtain CE CERTIFICATE can be prepared and assist you in this way.

Turkey´s Cem document with anyone who needs to take the best of our consultants are able to service all around.

It does not seem very healthy for companies to progress through a common template in the preparation of technical file documents. If companies issue a technical file for their products with a general template and bring together all the necessary documents, there may be problems that may extend the processes. Each product type, each sector has its own technical file preparation standards. You can have the technical files prepared for the products you want to prepare through Ekol Certification. The technical files must be ready so that the manufacturers and importers can easily circulate their products in the market they want to enter. As Ekol Certification, we are with you with the best team and an experienced team in technical file creation services that comply with all CE norms.


We invite anyone who wants to have a technical file prepared in accordance with CE norms to call the support numbers on the website you are examining. Certification as echoes of Turkey, we are at your service to anywhere CE certificate and other documents.

Technical File Contents

* A general description for the product
* All definitions explaining the work related to the product
* Product related designs
* Product drawings
* Product parts list
* Product modules and circuit diagrams
* All information about the product´s working procedures
* Lists of harmonized standards applied for the product
* Solutions and explanations required in cases where the standards required for the product are applied or not
* Results of inspections regarding product designs
* Test reports of the product
* Risk analysis of the product
* Original user manuals for the product in Turkish and other languages
* Quality management documents
* Turkish / English installation manual for the product
* Equivalent materials and raw material changes in product production
* Product safety tests
* Declaration of conformity

When we look at the purposes of the technical files, all the provisions, requirements and elements adopted by the manufacturers are systematically prepared in the form of transactions and instructions within the framework of regular written rules and kept within the company under the headings of "TECHNICAL FILE". The purposes of the technical files required for the products are whether they comply with the requirements specified in all technical regulations, the product evaluation is made, the production and design stages of the product and its functionality are clearly established.

As stated in an article in the Regulation on Market Surveillance and Inspection of Products, the producers have all the documents specified in the relevant technical regulations, if the product is produced in the country, the periods specified in the technical regulations as of the date of its production, if it is an imported product, the time period specified in the technical regulations, if the periods are not specified, It should be kept within the periods to be determined by the institutions and should present the product to the relevant institutions in case of request.

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