Certificate of Analysis (CoA) Consulting

Certificate of Analysis (CoA) You can get the best solutions for your consultancy needs from Ekol Certification, which has successfully managed consultancy activities in this field for many years with the same staff. CoA certificates are widely used in many industries. We would like to remind you that it is necessary to get consultancy from the right company at the right time for the analysis document, which is widely used in the government units, health sector, finance sector, information sector, education sector and banking sectors.

We, as Ekol Certification, provide support to all companies that need a COA analysis document.

In the CoA analysis document tests, the names and addresses of the laboratories where the analyzes were made, the names of the materials and their specifications are included. It also includes the test or tests performed and the methods by which these tests were obtained. Actual numerical results are included in the CoA analysis certificate. This document, which includes the approval date and the signature of the certifier, also contains all the technical information necessary for proper use.
Obtaining a CoA Certificate of Analysis

We usually carry out these analysis certificate processes for textile exporters in the apparel industry. In order for the exporters not to face major damages, the analysis certificates must be made before the packages are closed. After the completion of the CoA analysis approval processes, it is useful to take a look at the steps taken by the surveillance companies in foreign trade transactions. To give brief information about this detail, the organization determined by the inspections and reports to be kept before the shipments and during the acceptance of the goods is called. Inspection companies have experts make technical examinations about whether the goods that will be included in the agreements of the manufacturers in the foreign trade processes comply with the specifications related to the goods and obtain reports on these.

All of the lists that will show the full and clear names of the components of all the formulas and the ratios included in the chemicals and derivatives of the goods that need chemical analysis as the manufacturer´s analysis document in Turkish, which are reflected as the Manufacturer´s Analysis Certificate are referred to as the Manufacturer´s Analysis Certificate. It should be issued in the form of a company statement in the manufacturer´s analysis document or by independent test laboratories. Ekol certification provides you with fast and result-oriented service for your manufacturer´s analysis document needs. For your manufacturer´s analysis document requests, you can call our phone numbers on the website you have examined.

Certificate of Analysis (CoA) Professional Consulting Services

In fact, the manufacturer determines the standards required for the CoA Certificate of Analysis. This document should be prepared for quality standards and for all series in production. It is necessary to ensure and determine the control in the quality standards related to the products produced by the companies. You can get support from Florya Cert consultants to obtain analysis reports. All tests and specifications related to the product should be included in the CoA Certificates of Analysis. The chemical properties, physical properties and microbiological properties of the product should be included.

If you are operating in a sector that needs textile and other analysis certificates in our country, you can get support from us immediately. You can get an offer from us for a service where processes are fast and followed by professionals. We offer our services at the most affordable prices for your manufacturer analysis document and CoA document requests.

For all certification requests and answers to your questions, you can write to us via the Ekol Certification Whatsapp line on our website.

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