Chemical, Cosmetic, Detergent Product Safety Assessment

Cosmetic products and personal care products are among the most popular and needed consumer products in almost every country of the world. However, it is under the risks of microorganism contamination in cosmetic products. Microorganisms in the products can infect skins whose integrity is broken. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze cosmetics and detergent products that entered into force in 2013 and prepare the necessary files for the safety assessment of the products.

In short, the safety of a personal care product, detergent product or cosmetic product must be proven to be strong before it is put on the market, and many tests during the production and development stages must be successful.

For the Cosmetic Product Safey Report / CPSR, the Cosmetics Safety Assessment Report, our expert consultants with high technical knowledge provide the necessary analyzes under the roof of Ekol Certification with authorized laboratories and keep many stages under control for your products. The complete calculation of the toxicological profile, chemical structure and exposure levels of the relevant products is made by our company and the effect on people is revealed.

Today, people of all ages use cosmetic products, and there are laws and regulations required for these products not to contain components harmful to human health and environmental health. The required regulation is in force under the framework of the Guide on Safety Assessment in Cosmetic Products. Before the product is placed on the market, the necessary information file and security information are definitely included. In these products where safety is very important, introducing them to the market without making this evaluation may bring problems, irreversible problems ..

Preparation of Chemical & Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment Report

The person responsible for Ekol Certification, who will prepare the relevant report, is among those who have a diploma in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, toxicology, microbiology, dermantology, medicine or an equivalent science. Our consultants, who not only have a diploma but also have sufficient experience, are people who have completed all their training and have many certificates.

In our company, where the cosmetic safety assessment report can be prepared, it is also possible to prepare your product information file, which is necessary to put your product on the market, and at the same time, you have to have a responsible manager, that is, a responsible technical staff within the company. Chemists, biochemists, chemical engineers, biologists or microbiologists who have worked in the field of cosmetics or pharmacy for at least 2 years can be assigned as the responsible technical staff, that is, the responsible manager within your company.

Sale of Chemical & Cosmetic Products in European Countries

For companies that want to take part in the European Union to be able to easily circulate their products in the relevant market, European Union citizens and a responsible person must be appointed and necessary applications must be made through this responsible person. We would like you to know that our company is in cooperation with foreign friendly consultancy firms so that your products can be easily sold abroad in the EU market. You can get information from our customer representatives by calling our numbers on our contact page so that we can convey detailed information about this subject to you.

Please contact with Ekol Certification numbers in order to carry out your company´s cosmetic product safety evaluation studies with care. We are able to offer our services with our expert staff in the field of Cosmetic Product Safety Information and Section Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment.

What You Need for a Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment

* Name and contact information of distributor companies and manufacturer companies
* GMP conformity certificate of the manufacturer company
* Names of all raw materials, product formulation
* Material safety jerseys of raw materials, safety data sheets
* Allergen information of the raw materials in the product, allergen certificates
* Analysis certificates and specifications of all raw materials
* Toxicological profiles of the substances in the product formula
* Details of residues, packaging materials and impurities
* Product specifications with chemical, physical, microbiological tests of the completed product
* Material safety / msds form for the completed, finished product
* Reports of the challange test / protective efficacy tests
* Stability test reports
* Informing the materials of the packaging
* Correct and complete labeling of the product
* Documents containing claims
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