Chemical Product Consultancy

KKDIK Regulation has been prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Details about the Chemical Product Consultancy Regulation published in the Official Gazette in 2017 are included. The obligations required for all products to be put on the market in our country are determined by the relevant standards and regulations.

Ekol will give for you as Certification Consulting Chemical Products to be exported to the countries in the European Union in the areas of company activities in our countries are required to prepare the appropriate documents to the regulations and laws of the Republic of Turkey. Our company integrates the chemicals (GHS / Global Harmonized System) created by the UN so that the whole world is under a single classification in classification and labeling. With this stage, wherever you go in the world, the hazard classes and properties of all chemicals will be understandable. You can contact us immediately for information and details about chemical management, a process that requires expertise.

Chemical product consultancy, which consists of the words "Material Safety Data Sheet" with its English name, MSDS constitutes risks and risk factors that may arise from chemicals in terms of human health and safety. All the effects that the relevant factors may have on human health or the environment are investigated. For example, the reactivity of the substance, fire, ignition and flammability risks are investigated. In order to minimize or prevent risks, MSDS text is prepared by our experts in our Chemical Product Consultancy service.

You can get information and support by calling our numbers on our contact page for any questions you wonder about the MSDS text.

MSDS forms are usually prepared by substance suppliers or manufacturers. We also provide MSDS preparation services within our chemical product consultancy service. Thanks to this form, which will discuss how to use a substance safely, how the product should be used, the possible risks that may be encountered while using the product, and the problems that may be encountered with the use of the product in non-recommended uses, some information is transferred to the people who will use the product.

What Is The Chemical Management Process?

If it is necessary to materialize the management process in chemicals, the relevant process is as follows;

* Classification of Chemicals
* Classification, Labeling and Packaging (CLP / SEA) REGULATION
* Preparation of Safety Data Sheets (MSDS / SDS)
* Using Packaging and Preparing Labels in Compliance with Regulations
* Using Packaging and Preparing Labels in accordance with ADR
* Creating Inventory Records


In our country, the MSDS form should be prepared in Turkish for products that will be in circulation at our borders. All stages are clearly described in accordance with the articles in the Regulation on Safety Data Sheets Regarding Hazardous Substances and Mixtures. While preparing the relevant form, certain mandatory titles and subject content should be included in each section. Ekol Consulting personnel, who have mastered the format required for the preparation of material safety forms, will increase your company´s work safety and increase its quality.

We continue our activities in chemical product consultancy services with a competent team. If we look at the subtitles of our related service title,

* Chemical, Cosmetic, Detergent Product Safety Assessment
* MSDS Label Preparation Service
* Biocidal Product License
* REACH Registration and Certificate
* MSDS (MGBF) Preparation Service

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