Corporate-Personal Development Trainings


The speed of change multiplies problems and increases the need for professional managers who are experts in the business. Therefore; In an organization, the faster the rate of change, the faster the problems develop, multiply, and the more the need for professional and successful managers who determine the difference between success and failure. The caliber of the ruler also shows itself in such situations. Because the manager´s task is not to prevent problems or slow down the pace of change. Instead, it focuses on improving the organization´s awareness of problems and their ability to solve problems. Personal Development Trainings are the most effective methods for a manager to manage time and stress, to develop effective communication direction, and to gain courage in the first steps he takes. Although we sometimes think that we know everything in life and that we are very successful, all the emotions we have experienced and covered in the past can come to light in a moment. And our influence on our body, mind, and every minute that we think we are ruling may disappear. Personal development training is a responsibility that a manager must take and implement. Because a manager and institution are responsible not only for their own work, but also for everyone. The motivation provided between managers and teams in an institution is a very important tool for the progress of the organization. Corporate and personal development trainings are the most important role in providing this motivation.

Why EKOL Certification in Corporate-Personal Development Trainings?

* Turns potential into performance, changes behavior, activates, inspires, leaves traces and changes the result.
* New generation trainings designed for the century business life.
* They have been designed with real business life experiences gained at home and abroad for many years.
* It aims to transform the potential of people into performance.
* It shows people how to bridge effort and result so that they can achieve their peak performance.
* Includes academic and intellectual knowledge including years of experience in different business fields, both experience from the field and innovations on the subject.
* Each training program includes case studies, interactive role plays and special test applications according to its content.
* Participants are enabled to change their attitudes at the level of thought first and then their behavior with the information they have learned.
* Innovative learning and teaching processes are applied in the implementation of the trainings.

For Corporate Success; Training Programs That Build Talent, Change Outcome, and Develop Skills

* Effective Leadership That Changes the Result
* Understanding a Hundred Years of Business Life and Achieving Success
* Professionalism in Business Life
* Keys to Success of an Effective Leader
* Strategic Thinking in Management
* I am a Miracle
* Extraordinary Effect, Anonymous Life and Extraordinary Success
* Empathy Communication Skills & Empathy Understanding Development
* Positive Interest and Appreciation Focusing People on Success
* Emotional Intelligence: Key to Success in Business Life and Happiness in Social Life
* Develop Pro active Personality & Touch Within You
* The Source of Success in Business Life: Stress and Stress Management
* Developing Management Skills for Promoted Managers
* Effective Team Work
* Learning to Learn

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