Digital Transformation Trainings


Having a new generation and digital approach to the in-house trainings of the academic world and the in-house professionals who are preparing for the corporate world is of great importance for both parties to catch the future and their efficiency. In addition to the expectation of personalized products in the market, a more output with less input approach is becoming increasingly important for businesses. In order to ensure efficiency, the data obtained from all points of production must be transformed into information with an integrated system logic. At this point, digitalization allows businesses to access all production information accurately and instantaneously.

In recent years, we are faced with multiple disciplines that have changed with the introduction of digital platforms and applications. Brand, marketing, human resources, law are at the top of this list. However, another top discipline, which is at the top of the list and actually covers all disciplines, has started to get its share of digital. Education seems to be transforming with a digital wind, while it will transform all sub-titles attached to it.

During this training, you will learn what digital transformation means, its content, the technologies that will enable the transformation, application examples, the difficulties encountered, what steps should be taken. During the training, it will be possible to briefly evaluate the point where the company is in terms of transformation with the applications.

Digital Transformation Training Scope

* What is Digital Transformation really? What is he aiming for?
* Today´s transformation examples
* What are the technologies that will enable transformation to occur?
* What is the content of the digital transformation known as Industry 4.0 in the world?
* Public for digital transformation in Turkey, and what industry studies at the academy?
* What are the examples of the world?
* What are the challenges for digital transformation in a company?
* What steps should be taken for digital transformation in a company? What should the Roadmap include?
* What kind of digital transformation examples can you create in your company?

Who Can Attend The Trainings?

* Company officials who want to learn digital transformation and increase their competencies
* Managers aiming to create opportunities in their company with digital transformation
* Digital transformation team members
* Those who plan to work on digital transformation

“In today´s world where digital brings radical changes in the whole social structure, as EKOL Certification Organization, we provide services in the context of Digital Transformation. You can contact us to have detailed information. "

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