ECE-R 100 Certificate


Although the E mark is also called the ECE conformity mark, it is a marking and certification study that indicates that motor vehicles meet the requirements of the European Union on roads within the scope of approved components.

The E Certificate states that it is in compliance with the regulations accepted under EU, UN / EEC and TR laws regarding motor vehicles and their system or separate technical units. The symbol for the E symbol is a capital E in a circle and a smaller number on the right, indicating the country code. The number on the right represents the assigned code numbers of the countries associated with the ECE test mark regulation control number. For example, the E1 sign on the side of a product indicates that the product of German origin has an E certificate. The E mark indicates that it is in accordance with directives and Regulations by the component, system and separate technical units (European economic community, united nations).

It is a safety certificate required by the European Commission to apply to motor vehicles, technical parts and systems by the European Commission on the basis of EU directives. Test Laboratories must be an organization of the European Union member country with a technical service authority. The organization that issues the E mark is the state transport sector of the European Union member country. Products certified with the E mark are defined by all EU member countries.

UN ECE Regulation No. The regulation, also known as the 100 or R100 for short, sets out the specific safety requirements for the electric powertrain of road vehicles, including rechargeable battery systems. ECE-R 100 Certificate is given to enterprises that meet these requirements.

Manufacturers send the vehicle and related components to an authorized technical service for type approval assessment in order to demonstrate compliance with applicable regulations in order to obtain an ECE-R 100 Certificate. In accordance with the provisions of the 1958 Agreement, motor vehicles and components that obtain type approval in a country that signed the treaty are accepted for import, sale or use in all other signatory countries.

ECE-R 100 Certificate Scope

The scope of the R100 standard is divided into two. In the first section, a series of safety requirements for the electric power transmission organs of vehicles classified as M and N1 are listed.

The requirements for vehicles in this category are as follows:

* Maximum design speed should not exceed 25 km / h.
* There must be one or more traction motors powered by electricity.
* It should not be continuously fed from the network.
* This first part of the ECE-R 100 Certificate does not cover the post-collision safety requirements of road vehicles.

The second part of the ECE-R 100 Document describes the safety requirements for the Rechargeable Energy Storage System (REESS) for vehicles whose criteria are listed in the first section. This part of the standard does not apply to RESS, which is used primarily to power the engine, lighting or other auxiliary systems.

ECE-R 100 Certificate Required Tests

The tests specified in the R100 standard for type approval are of great importance. Organizations wishing to obtain ECE-R 100 Certificate must perform these tests accurately, consistently and in accordance with the criteria specified in the standard. We can summarize these tests as follows:

* Vibration test: It takes 3 hours with variable frequencies between 7 and 50Hz.
* Acceleration test: It is performed to simulate deceleration in case of 28G longitudinal and 15G transverse impact.
* Breaking test: It is done with 100 kN force.
* Thermal stress test: Changes between + 60 ° C and -40 ° C are observed.
* Fire resistance test: 70 seconds to temperature at 700 ° C. The endurance of the battery exposed throughout is measured.
* Short circuit test
* Maximum temperature test: Continuous operation of the battery at 60 ° C is tested.
* Internal security and overload test
* Compliance test with electrical safety

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