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Eco label is an environmental label application with its other name. Its international name is known as Eco Label. It is a European and globally accepted and trusted label that indicates that the environmental impacts of a product or service are minimized or reduced during the life cycle of raw material supply, production and use. This practice has been initiated to determine the distinctiveness of the greener product and the environment. These labels, which can be approved by two institutions, Eu EcoLabel and The Nordic EcoLabel, increase the trust in brands by declaring that the effects of the products offered to the daily use of the public have been reduced.

Although the eco label was initially applied to serve in the fields of food, medicine and medical products, its range is rapidly expanding with new products. It was legalized by the Council of the European Union in 1992 and became a regulation and a label system was established. Eco-label; It works in integration with quality and environmental management systems. When consumers see the eco label, also known as the environmental label, on the products they purchase, they will know that the products have been passed through legal standards and tests, and they will reach a reliable product.

Eco-Label project, in Turkey in 2017 and has completed environmental project started at the beginning of the year, January 11, 2018 by the Ministry of Urbanism. Eco labels were given to 8 companies and 15 products within the scope of the project. Within the scope of the project carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, seminars were organized in various cities and trainings were given. A total of 15 products in the textile, ceramic and paper sectors were awarded eco labels. with no definitive studies have been published as the eco-label regulations as Turkey continues rapidly.

The Eco-Label has the following meanings for consumers and manufacturers:

* This label is only given to environmentally friendly products in the product groups.
* Permission to use this label is given after environmental tests are carried out on the sample taken from the product.
* This label guarantees the lowest environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of the product, from production to waste.
* Thanks to this label, consumers are informed about product ion.
* Thanks to this label, it can be easily distinguished from similar products.
* Permission to use this label is given based on the authorization obtained from an accreditation body.
* This label is accepted in all European Union countries and countries that are sensitive to environmental labels.
* Producer companies can easily compete in the market thanks to this label.
* Producer companies have improved their production activities and methods thanks to this system.

In addition, Eco-labeled products;

* They produce little energy.
* Less resource usage is provided in their production.
* They do not cause harmful effects on human health.
* They cause less damage to the environment throughout their life cycle.
* Thanks to the design choices and products used in the production stages, their recycling is easy.


While granting permission to request companies to use the Eco-Label for their products and services, our organization uses the criteria based on product groups prepared and continuously developed by the European Union. In this way, common criteria are applied for products and services among all environmental label designs, and simplicity and transparency are provided in practice. EU Eko Label application, evaluation and inspection processes are carried out by the EU Eco-Label offices located only in the European Union member states, called "Competent Body". These ‘Competent Bodies, which are not found outside the European Union member states, accept applications from all over the world. Turkey is not an EU member, Turkey EU Eco-Label with the competent authorities ´Competent Body´ is available. We provide services as EKOL Certification Body for producers who want to apply for EU Eco-Label from our country. You can contact us for detailed information.

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