Ecological Medical Certificate


Medical products are used in many treatments. The application of standards for the production of these products with medical ecological methods is called ecological medical certificate. The basic system on which the certification system for the Ecological Medical Certificate is based is the Ecological Product Certification System. In addition to the scientific data on which this documentation system is based, there are also legal regulations. One of the most important legal regulations on this issue is the Eco-Label Regulation prepared by the European Union on this subject. Studies for this system in the European Union; It started in 1973 with the studies of the European Commission General Directorate of Environment (DG Environment), and an institution named EU Ecolabel, which means EU Environmental Label or EU Eco-Label, was established in 1992. The Eco-Label Regulation 66/2010 / EC on this subject was updated and re-published in 2010.

If we explain the term Medical Ecology a little more; It is the name given to an emerging field in today´s medical practice. Within the topics of this area; All ecological conditions and chemical qualities, especially climatic conditions such as thermal waters, mineral waters, mud, sunlight, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, radon, oxygen and sun rays, are included. Protecting, improving and treating human health are among the main objectives of these standards. With the application of ecological certificate, it is checked and documented that medical ecological medical products are produced by ecological methods.

Ecological Medical Certificate Certification Process

The ecological medical certification certification processes are quite extensive. The legally accepted process is underway between the relevant manufacturer and the certification company. After the negative impacts on human health are discovered during the production of the products and until they reach the consumer, the activities of the authorized institutions (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Environment, etc.) or the organizations authorized by the state (private companies) and the producers´ activities are audited as a result of the demands of conscious environmentalists and consumers. started. These inspection bodies carry out inspections with the request of the producers and issue documents and labels to the producers showing the naturalness of their products or that they do not have a negative effect on human health. Thanks to these documents, the consumer can have information about the naturalness of the products and their effects on human health, so that they can consume safely. Medical ecological companies can apply to the certification company for the products they produce within the framework of the standards. The application will be objectively reviewed by the institution and accepted for products deemed appropriate. An ecological medical certificate agreement is signed with companies whose applications are accepted. The process will be started with this contract. After the contract, the company is obliged to deliver the sample product or products to the certification firm. The submitted sample will be examined in detail by the product certification firm. In addition to checking compliance with international norms and standards, production processes will also be inspected. As a result of all these examinations and inspections, an ecological medical certificate will be issued for the products. All certified products can be used in the treatment of various diseases. The ecological certificate, which continues to be applied in order to protect human health and to destroy production methods and products that may harm nature, is also available in our country.

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