EcoVadis Certification

Almost everyone now sees and realizes the environmental impacts we encounter due to climate changes in our globalizing world. The concept of sustainability is very important. In order to provide this concept, companies should pay attention to many applications and manage them successfully. EcoVadis aims to make the world we live in a much better place. EcoVadis, which includes many details in order to reduce the effects of global warming and to take environmental factors into consideration, was established in 2007. It has reached the present day successfully and continues its activities with more than 70 thousand rated companies with a global network effect. EcoVadis, which is among the largest and most reliable business sustainability activities, positively improves the social practices and environmental factors of companies.

You can examine the unique mission, sustainability and effective aspects of EcoVadis with Ekol Certification consultants and trainers. Seize the opportunity to do sustainable business on a global scale, thanks to the changes in your company activities.

Ecovadis Certificate

You can think of it as the social responsibility rating of companies in the system that uses the Saas cloud center to reduce environmental impacts. There are many fields of activity in the EcoVadis document. The details that come first are the rights of workers, ecological details and human rights details. Firms have some ratings depending on the scope of activity in which they are involved. These evaluations must be strictly and strictly proof-based. Simple-to-read scorecards are included in the evaluation processes. For example, there will be some values ??between 0 and 100 scoring system.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world are able to manage risk in their field, thanks to the EcoVadis certificate. We see the positive effects of companies and their products on the environment. It also has the ability to encourage transparency and innovation. It is the choice of companies operating in almost every field. It has EcoVadis certificate in many companies in every country and everywhere in the world. The world´s leading organizations also request and have this document. As Ekol Certification, we help you immediately whenever you need it, and we provide you with all the services you need for your brand and company to have this certificate with our consultants.

Companies that have the EcoVadis certificate have proven their existence on sustainable business and corporate responsibility. Thanks to this benefit provided by companies, companies that have social responsibility will continue their leadership in the sector. Thanks to this system in which transparency is also integrated, the loyalty of your company personnel and encouragement to ethical codes of conduct will be provided.

Companies are required to work with EcoVadis in order to comply with legal regulations and to maintain sustainability in the supply chain in the global market. Companies that comply with this EcoVadis certificate will be one step ahead of their competitors. The EcoVadis Certificate is a great blessing for almost every sector where competition is extremely high. Thanks to this document, you can follow the improvements in the sector and take the improvement steps at some points before everyone else. In order to have a system where you can measure the performance of even your business partners and to receive special offers for the system, you can immediately contact us from the contact page of the Ekol website you have examined.

The EcoVadis system, which has increased the number of companies day by day since its establishment in 2007, will ask you to have concrete evidence of your commitment during the evaluation. It should start to be prepared before the application processes and even some information and details should be ready in your company. As Ekol Certification, we inform you at every stage and by taking many steps on behalf of your company, we give your company the right to receive ECOVADIS certificate in a short time. We serve you with our expert staff and experienced staff.

Benefits of Ecovadis Certificate to Companies

* Thanks to EcoVadis, which is offered with the SaaS platform in the software as a service global cloud-based system, the details of the companies in terms of sustainability and performance can be shared with trade partners.

* In ECOVADIS, which brings many benefits to companies directly and indirectly, many performances of companies improve with their ratings on environmental factors, working environment and human rights. With the EcoVadis Certification, the weaknesses of the companies are determined and their strengths are also known. In this way, it is ensured that companies take more contemporary, more scientific and realistic steps.

* Thanks to this document, the performances of companies can be compared with regional criteria and industrially and many opportunities can be obtained.

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