ENplus Certificate

Do you need ENplus Certificate? Contact Ekol Certification now and our experts will offer you the best prices for the ENPlus certificate, which is one of the most popular documents of recent times.

As Ekol Certification, we are proud to present you another important new certification category of recent years within the scope of product certification activities. Pellet fuels, which are acquired within the scope of heating systems of our world, which is in search of an alternative fuel due to the increase in the prices of electricity, gas and oil inputs that have increased globally, have come to the fore. It exports these fuels to the world with a significant amount of pellet production capacity in Turkey. Pellet fuels obtained with biomass are highly preferred by many countries and many consumers. The quality of the pellets produced is quite high in our country. However, producing only does not mean being able to sell these products to Europe.

What is Pellet Fuel?

The pellet has a small and cylindrical appearance as shown in the page image. These products, which can generally be 6-8-10 mm in diameter and have an average length of 10 to 40 mm, include sawdust waste, wood chips, tree bark, tree branches, nut shells, cones at the bottom of the trees and similar natural wastes. It is a product obtained by combining these wastes. In addition to these, many wastes such as straw - straw, wheat, barley, oat, corn, cotton, rice etc. can be included in the pellet fuel.

Biomass, on the other hand, is an important source in obtaining the 4th largest energy source in the world. In most of the developed countries, bioenergy resource is considered as the future. Within the scope of increasing energy costs and emerging problems in Europe, pellet fuels have started to have a widespread use in the field of heating and industry.

Pellet Export Certificate

The ENPlus certification program for the export of manufactured pellet fuels was created and developed by the European Pellet Council. Ekol Certification´s experienced consultants in this field determine the need for this certification program for pellet manufacturers and it is desired to keep the quality of pellets at the highest level at all times. In the ENPlus document, it examines all the steps from the production stage to the end user of the product. Here, we provide service with consultants who touch the whole process, including representatives, authorized companies, service providers in packaging, and those who provide services in the field of transportation, and have a good grasp of the steps to be applied to all procurement processes. You can reach us via the live support line or our e-mail addresses on our site and get the best offers.

There are very few institutions in Turkey that can issue the EnPlus Certificate. Our company, as one of the accredited and authorized institutions in this field, can provide you with a fast, convenient and easy certification service. Inspections are carried out at the production facilities of companies that want to export pellet fuel. You can contact us via our website for inspections, taking samples and successful results of the necessary tests related to the product. You can contact Ekol experts without hesitation for all the issues you are curious about in order to obtain the certificates of conformity and to have the ENPlus certificate.

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