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ENPlus Certification - Ekol Certification is at your service, whichever of the Abroad Certificates you need for Pellet Fuels. Get ENPlus Certificate in a short time at an affordable price. Before we move on to the full explanation of the ENPLus document, we would like to address the word PELET, which you will find frequently in the description. PELET products, which are obtained by grinding sawdust, wood chips, pure forest products such as wood, by the grinding process, drying process and then pressing under high pressure, are a product that has been widely used throughout the world for the purpose of generating energy. By using the pellet product, which is a completely nature-friendly and high-calorie fuel, you prefer renewable energy sources.

Why Should You Approach Pellets?

First of all, the first important advantage of the product is that it is a renewable and sustainable energy source.

This product, which has a high energy value, is an easy-burning product with energy efficiency.

It is a product that will increase the dependence of countries on fossil fuels.

It is a product that is much less dangerous than other fossil fuels.

It is a product that is widely produced in our country and is in the category of products that reduce foreign dependency in terms of energy in the countries produced.

Pellets are products with very low ash content. After burning, ash is known as a product that can also be used as a natural fertilizer.

The rates of pellet burners in terms of flue gas emission values ??are also quite low. In other words, a product that does not pollute the environment is an ozone-friendly product. The pellets are below the acceptable CO emission thresholds.

The transportation of pellets, which is a fuel, is also much easier than wood. It takes up much less space.

It also prevents the unregistered use of forest products.

Among the solid fuel systems, pellet burning systems have the cleanest combustion system.


What is ENPlus Certification?

This system, which was started in 2010 with the steps taken by the German Pellet Institute and emerged with the aim of improving the quality of wood pellets for small furnaces, has soon adapted to all supply chains and has some details to meet some requirements for the trade of pellet manufacturers. Pellet producers seek superior quality and good practices regarding storage, bagging, transportation and trading. Ekol Certification offers you expert support for the completion of the certification processes for the pellet fuel certificate you need.

After you receive the ENPlus certificate, this certificate will be valid for 3 years. Packaging companies, manufacturers and traders will all undergo annual audits. You can consult and get information about all the steps and stages required for PELET EXPORT by contacting Ekol Certification´s expert consultants through the website you are viewing. We, as Ekol Certification, respond to your customers´ claims about the quality of your pellet products and take steps to support you in 3rd party verifications. You can get information from our offer numbers immediately in order to have a certificate and to trade more easily.

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