Environmental Trainings


In order to solve the environmental problem, which is one of the most important problems of our daily life, it is necessary to carry out education activities that raise the awareness of the society. With the training work to be carried out, it should be aimed to train people who have environmental awareness. Environmental education addresses the cognitive learning of the trainees. The educational process consists of attitude, value judgments, knowledge and ability development, and demonstrating the results of activities that protect and beautify the environment. Environmental education should start in pre-school period. Because value judgments and attitudes emerge at a young age. For this reason, environmental relations, empathy development and environmental love are very important at young ages. This formation means protecting the environment and showing activities that will beautify the environment.

Natural factors that have an effect on the formation of environmental pollution are natural events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and phenomena that occur due to nature. The factors that are caused and formed by people, on the other hand, have the opportunity to list many examples such as unconscious and excessive use of fuels such as petrol and similar fuels used in homes, workplaces or vehicles, poor quality coal, unconsciously leaving industrial wastes and household wastes to nature or accumulating them in inappropriate areas.

Environmental Trainings

As EKOL Certification Body; In order to realize the environmental management applied in places such as businesses, schools, hospitals, mass housing areas more effectively, to apply it correctly and to ensure the participation of all individuals;

* Environmental legislation
* Environment concept
* Environmental pollution types and protection ways
* Waste management
* Separate collection at source
* Temporary storage
* Zero waste applications
* Individual responsibilities
* Corporate responsibilities
* Administrative sanctions

etc. We conduct trainings and awareness studies on subjects. In this context, you can contact us to get service and get detailed information.

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