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Founded in 1993, the International Forest Management Council (FSC) is an independent organization established to improve the management of the world´s forests. As of 2008, more than 100 million hectares of forest areas in 79 countries have been certified due to their compliance with FSC standards. The FSC certificate is a tool to assist in responsible and sustainable forest management in the world. Determining the standard related to forest management, certification and conducting studies on the labeling of forest products are among his duties, and his mission can be expressed as "to guide businesses and consumers in the decision-making mechanism regarding forests worldwide".

The rapid decline in the world´s forest areas and concerns over the deterioration of forest laws have led to the spread of forest certification initiatives. According to the reports of the United Nations and the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), half of the world´s forests have been destroyed. The "Forest Management Council" was established as a reaction to this.

The purposes of the Forest Management Council, which undertakes the main tasks in the global spread of the forest certification term, especially in regional organizations;

* Ensuring the use of forests that comply with environmental standards accepted in the world,
* Increasing the regional, economic and social quality of forestry management,
* Realization of sustainable forest management by improving forest management,
* Developing policies to ensure the permanence of forest areas,
* Raising general consumer awareness about the forest industry and environmental relations,
* Increasing consumer acceptance and guarantee,
* Changing producer and consumer behavior,
* To increase the environmental quality and market rate of the world,
* To ensure that forest management activities are examined objectively,
* To encourage the management of sustainable forest areas,
* To provide ecological, economic and social benefits of the forest business,
* To establish a system that will follow the traceability of forest products,
* Providing labeling and branding to end consumers.

In this context, the purpose of forest certification; to guide the forest business to be ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable in a market-oriented manner and thus contribute to the marketing of forest products. After these, gaining the coverage of interest groups is another purpose of certification. Documentation of specific forest management needs can assist in minimizing conflicts within interest groups.

FSC Certification and Labeling

FSC labeled products are of great importance. To list the benefits of FSC; It prevents the deterioration of natural forests and other living environments in the world, prevents the use of pesticides with a high level of danger to the environment, prevents the cultivation of genetically modified trees, respects the rights of indigenous people in the world, and is to check the compliance of certified organizations at least once a year. Forest Management certification defines a voluntary process for the verification of forest products.

Latest February 2012 Standard Revision Main Articles;

* Compliance with all applicable laws and contracts
* Questioning of proven land ownership rights
* Respect for the rights of local people
* Protection and improvement of long-term workers´ rights
* Ecological functions do not harm the integrity of the forest
* An appropriate management plan that is constantly updated
* Monitoring activities cover environmental impacts
* To promote restoration and natural forests
* Care that takes environmental and social values ??into consideration

Certification as a means of meeting consumer needs means that the wood used as raw material for consumers is obtained from well-managed forests. Certification provides support to consumers in making choices and helps achieve the value goals of sustainable development in relation to consumption. In the same process, certification contributes to mobilizing economic aid for Sustainable Forest Management, especially by putting pressure on environmental and ethical funding sources.

In summary, to have the right to use the FSC brand and labels thanks to the FSC Certificate;

* Shows that the products come from legitimate and good sources.
* Indicates that existing forest products are legal.
* Ensures the healthy transfer of forests to future generations.

“With the increasing environmental awareness, many organizations demand that the raw materials and semi-products they use be supplied from well-managed forests. Assurance in this regard is provided by accredited international certification firms. As EKOL Certification Body, we also provide services in this regard. You can contact us for detailed information. "

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