GHP Certificate (Good Hygiene Practices)


The GHP Certificate is important in the protection of the health of the consumer and the sustainability of the good image of the workplace by ensuring the reliability of the products, and it is an international standard that certifies that food production or sales businesses and mass consumption places operate in accordance with hygiene standards. GHP is a system that includes applications such as hygienic design and configuration of food production facilities, cleaning and disinfection methods, microbial quality of food in food processing, hygienic operation of each process step, and personnel hygiene. In short, it is to provide all the conditions necessary to produce safe food.

Increasing expectations for safe food brought along many applications. It is possible to increase these such as Good Agricultural Practices, Good Hygiene Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices.

Purpose of Good Hygiene Practices

In order to ensure the protection of the consumer in terms of food safety, it is to determine the rules that the food business operator must comply with from the primary production of the food to the supply to the end consumer. GHP aims to take the necessary precautions by making hygienic controls in all processes from production to storage, from presentation to sales in order to prevent the safety of foodstuffs and to prevent harm to human health.

In this context, the main issues that he handles can be listed as follows;

* Structuring and shaping production facilities according to hygiene standards,
* Measuring the microbial quality of products (uncooked foods),
* Effective implementation of disinfection and hygiene methods in the enterprise,
* Implementation of hygiene standards in all production processes,
* Bringing the personnel to hygiene standards

If we need to write under headings the place where production, sales and mass consumption are made and the hygiene rules that should be followed by the employees in this place;

* Personnel hygiene,
* Employee health,
* Work conditions,
* Facility and equipment maintenance,
* Hygiene of food contact surfaces,
* Pest control,
* Waste removal,
* Water quality,
* Storage of cleaning materials and cleaning and disinfection materials
* Personnel hygiene
* Hand hygiene
* Workplace code of conduct
* Prevention of cross contamination.

GHP Relationship with Other Standards

GHP Good Hygiene Practices is a complementary standard to GMP Good Manufacturing Practices. It also complements the GCP Good Catering Practices standard for catering, restaurants and cafes. GHP Good Hygiene Practices, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points are accepted as the prerequisite of the HACCP Food Safety Management System. Today, the Turkish food system is moving towards a reliability approach where quality systems such as HACCP and GMP are applied.


Establishments producing and selling foodstuffs and substances and materials that come into contact with food, and mass consumption places have to implement and maintain procedures based on the principles of "Good Hygiene Practices" and "HACCP", which are among the most effective methods for reaching safe food. Companies operating on food production, consumption and preservation are subject to control and inspection by an accredited certification body. In these inspections, Good Hygiene Practices Certificate is presented to companies that are registered to operate in accordance with hygiene standards. As EKOL Certification Body, we provide support in the GHP (Good Hygiene Practices) certification process. You can contact us to have detailed information.

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