Good Fisheries Practices (BAP)

As Ekol Certification, it has expert consultants who can serve aquaculture production facilities and many sectors on good aquaculture practices standards. BAP standards developed by GAA (Global Fisheries Association), a voluntary certification system for environmental, social responsibility, animal rights, food safety and sustainability, covers farms, hatcheries, company facilities, feed mills, consumers and many sectors. These are the systems where the highest industry practices related to fishery products have been developed and assurance can be provided. As Ekol Certification, we ensure your compliance with BAP standards with our experts. We are here to inspect your company to prove its compliance with BAP, and to identify its deficiencies and fix it in a short time!

The Bap Good Fisheries Practices Standards deal primarily with the environment and animal welfare. The most basic elements of responsible aquaculture are explained in the BAP processes, which include the standards within the scope of aquaculture facilities. You can get support from us to analyze your compliance in applications and to offer quantitative solutions. This standard is valid in all production facilities for seafood. It is valid for sea bream, sea bass and trout production facilities. We offer BAP certification services for breeders in almost every region of Turkey.

You can get BAP Standard Consulting services at the most affordable prices from our Ekol Certification company.


You can get support from us to be included in the BAP certification program and to obtain the stamp. We have consultants who will be with you at every stage in the name of the GOOD FISHERY PRACTICES CERTIFICATE, which successful participants can use on the packaging of the seafood they produce and grow, and will also deal with ensuring that it is a safe and sustainable company for consumers. You can get support from our experts for BAP Fisheries Processing Plant Standards and also for Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) criteria. We are here so that you can successfully complete all audit processes and pass audits.

Inspections are carried out within the scope of high-level quality and safety conditions. Compliance with Bap Criteria will be determined in Ekol Certification´s advanced FOOD TESTING LABORATORIES, and testing processes for taking samples from aquatic products and wastewater will be carried out effectively and quickly. You can contact us for all the issues you are wondering about aquaculture certification audits for compliance & sustainability, which will be related to BAP standards.

For more information and to get a quote for Good Aquatic Plants Practice Standards, you can contact us using the phone numbers on the Ekol Certification website that you viewed.

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