HIGG Index Consulting and Certification

Within the scope of HIGG Index Consulting and Certification Services, we can offer you our services under the roof of Ekol Certification with our experts.

When we take a look at the Higg Index System, it is aimed to comprehensively study the changes in fashion and to examine them on a sectoral basis. The details included here actually include a very detailed measurement system, supply systems and improvement details. With the HIGG Index, the social sustainability and environmental sustainability performances of thousands of retail facilities and brand facilities will be evaluated and studies on making the standardized supply chain more sustainable will be presented.

It was developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). HIGG INDEX can be seen as a valuation tool for factories to measure the environmental performance of their production facilities. To put it more clearly, this system is not actually a form of control, it is a verification method.

What is the Higg Index?

Every stage in sectors such as clothing chain and shoe chain is controlled by the HIGG Index. Higg Index, known as the self-assessment standard within the scope of environmental and social sustainability, was established by a group of fashion companies mentioned above.

In the Higg Index, attention is paid to environmental waste discharge, flue gas emissions and reports, management of chemicals, in-plant recycling values, renewable energy systems, carbon footprint, waste management and their declarations, consumption of natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions. All the details in the factories are examined under these headings, and necessary steps are taken with Ekol Certification to make improvements in order to protect environmental welfare. As Ekol Certification, we convey to you every detail included in the scope of HIGG INDEX with our ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERS who are experts in their fields and complete the process by successfully managing the necessary processes.

What is Higg FEM (Factory Environment Module)?

The Higg Facility Environmental Module is a sustainability assessment tool that determines how and how the environmental performance of factories & facilities should be measured and evaluated. There is Higg FEM to ensure that the sustainability performance of products is well measured and scored. You can get Higg Index and Higg Fem services from Ekol Documentation to achieve better performances and uncover opportunities. In this system, companies and brands that make production see and evaluate their environmental performances.

What Are the Benefits of the Higg?

As Ekol Certification, we would like to talk about some prominent benefits related to Higg, which will offer numerous benefits to you and your brand. In this context, thanks to Higg, you will be able to see many sustainability opportunities in your factory and you will notice some risks beforehand. Our consultants can give you the best information about the Higg, which will give you the opportunity to recognize the risks, over the phone if you wish.

You will learn about the sustainability-related effects that may arise in the future regarding the Higg Index, and you will make it easier to evaluate your performance. Thanks to the tools provided by our experts within the scope of this standard, you will benefit from determining your sustainability strategies for your long-term goals and obtaining leadership facilities. Thanks to Higg, you will avoid time and cost, and you will reduce the amount of waste by using time more accurately.

In the Higg FEM system, your factory can measure the sustainability effects of your brand. The Higg FEM system will lead the way in measuring the sustainability performance of a factory and reducing the complexity in reporting. Ekol Certification will be at your service in order to increase the value of the company, reduce the risks and make its effective aspects more prominent. You can reach us for Higg Index consultancy service not only in Istanbul, but all over Turkey, and you can provide information about sustainability to your stakeholders and provide a common path.

If you want to get detailed information and get answers to all your questions about HIGG INDEX service from the best consultants, all you have to do is call EKOL DOCUMENTARY.

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