How to Add the CE Mark to Products?

If you ask how to add the CE mark to the products offered for sale, we can say that it must be clearly and indelibly readable. The manufacturer or importer must comply with these criteria meticulously. So, let´s see what is required to add the CE marking to the products;

• The sign must contain only the letters "C" and "E".
• CE letters must be in strictly vertical dimension.
• On the other hand, the CE mark should not be smaller than 5 mm, but this may vary depending on the product type.
• It can be difficult to actually CE mark products; Therefore, this mark is sometimes added to product packaging. The CE mark on the packaging must also be supported by official documents.

The addition of the CE marking indicates that the product complies with EU directives. However, it is extremely important to note that this mark has no direct relationship to product quality. It proves that products with the CE mark do not harm people, animals and plants and have no negative effects on the environment.

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The CE mark, which has existed since 1985, indicates that the manufacturer or importer complies with EU directives, regardless of the country of origin. Products bearing this mark reassure buyers that they comply with all legal requirements. The CE mark symbolizes not only marketing of a product but also its compliance with EU standards.

About the Marking of the CE Mark

The CE mark is an official conformity mark applied to products following European harmonization. It represents a standard for replacing other mandatory conformity marks in the national legislation of EU member states.

Regarding how to add the CE mark to products, legal marks such as the manufacturer´s trademark or the mark of a notified body can be added to the products in a way that cannot be confused with the CE mark. However, the official CE marking should never reduce its legibility. Manufacturers use the CE marking to indicate that their products comply with certain European directives. The CE marking is mandatory for most products sold in Europe and must therefore be visible on product surfaces or packaging. It is extremely important to get support from our company in order to take the right steps in this regard.

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Things to Know About CE Marking

When adding the CE Conformity Mark to products, it should also be ensured that the letters "CE" are formed correctly. The size of the CE marking can be changed, but certain proportions must be strictly observed. Additionally, unless otherwise specified in European directives, the minimum height of the CE Mark must be 5 mm in total. If it is not possible to attach the CE marking to the product in a visible, legible and certainly permanent way, it is important that this marking be displayed on the packaging and relevant documentation.

The CE mark is an important stamp that shows the European compliance of your company´s products. However, there are certain rules that must be taken into consideration during the marking process. The letters "CE" must be clearly recognizable and not confused with other markings. The marking indicates that the product complies with legal requirements and is safe and environmentally friendly. In particular, the CE mark added to the packaging emphasizes that the product complies with certain standards. In this process, attention should be paid to letter sizes and proportions. By complying with these standards, manufacturers give confidence to customers when they put their products on the market and prove that the CE mark meets legal obligations. Of course, you can get support from our company to add this sign appropriately to your products.

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