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Inditex, one of the world´s largest fashion distributors, started its fashion adventure in a small workshop in 1963. The company, which has included many important companies to date, is one of the largest retail selling fashion group in the world. 8 brands it added to its structure; It can be listed as Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe.

Inditex, one of the many fashion retailers in the world, sells in 202 markets with its online platform or over 7000 stores in 96 markets. All of the company´s suppliers and manufacturers must comply with the strict requirements set out in the Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and Suppliers, which has been the cornerstone of its commitment to sustainability since 2001. These rules set specific standards for responsible management that prioritize the protection of human rights and the recognition of international labor contracts. The corporate culture of INDITEX is generally based on respect for human and business rights. The rules established within this framework define the minimum standards of ethical and responsible behavior that must be met by the company´s manufacturers and suppliers.

INDITEX Certificate

Inditex Document, also known as Zara Inditex Document; The document or documents owned by the company that successfully completed the Inditex audits. This document or documents may consist of documents showing the results of the audit or documents provided by the audit firm. Inditex fashion community has 8 large companies. Companies that have successfully completed Inditex audits and received the necessary approval can produce for these 8 brands. Inditex audit certification can be done directly by Inditex´s authorized persons or by third party companies.

INDITEX Audits are established in accordance with Occupational Safety Regulations, like all other social compliance audits. The main headings of INDITEX´s code of conduct can be listed as follows:

1. No forced employment
2.No child labor
3.No discrimination
4. Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
5.No harsh or inhumane treatment
6. Safe and Hygienic working conditions
7. Regular wage payments
8. Regular working hours
9. Regular Employment
10. Traceability of production
11. Occupational Health and Safety of Products
12. Not compromising the principle of confidentiality of information
13. Creating environmental awareness.

Matters to be Considered in the INDITEX Certificate Inspection Process

In order to produce products for 8 brands in the Inditex group or one of these brands, it is necessary to successfully complete Inditex audits. These audits can also be referred to as social compliance audits.

Some of the criteria requested in these audits;

* Under no circumstances should a person or persons under the age of 16 be employed in the business,
* Foreign nationals who do not have a residence and work permit should not be employed,
* None of the personnel working in the enterprise should be paid less than the minimum wage,
* Under no circumstances should there be any SSI or tax debt in the business,
* The enterprise should not run any Inditex product to a business that does not have Inditex approval for any process,
* It should not be against transparency under any circumstances, including payment or payroll records,
* The enterprise should not run any Inditex product for any process (including yarn clearing) to a facility that does not have Inditex approval.

Companies to enter Inditex Audits;

* Personnel records (such as attendance records, payrolls, monthly accounts),
* Occupational Health and Safety records (such as building layout plans, evacuation plan, business opening and working license, fire brigade report, building license and building use permit, fire extinguisher and fire cabinets)

“As EKOL Certification, our aim is to provide the necessary training or information services to the companies that will enter the INDITEX Audit, to create the necessary documentation, to prepare the audits, to provide the necessary documentation and to inform the personnel and employees about this issue. You can contact us to get support and detailed information on this issue. "

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