ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Training


Today, with the increasing competition, customer expectations and demands have started to be met by many organizations. In this case, it has become difficult to gain competitive advantage and to raise awareness. For this reason, ISO 10002 Customer Management System supports organizations. It provides services to the organization in order to ensure customer satisfaction and its continuity, and to manage customer complaints.

ISO 10002 training is of great importance in the process of implementing a Customer Satisfaction Management System within a company. Companies that receive ISO 10002 training can integrate the standard more easily and quickly and pass the certification phase more easily. If companies do not receive ISO 10002 training, they will have difficulty in planning the relationships to be carried out with certification bodies in the next stages. In addition, since the documents and documents that should be prepared within the scope of ISO 10002 training are also explained, companies can make an accurate planning in this regard.

Basic Principles of ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System

For both the private sector, the public sector and voluntary organizations; Meeting customer expectations has become the most fundamental task. Caring for the customer will provide great advantages for competition. ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate; It is based on the implementation of the management system and creates trust for the customer by providing competitive advantage. With the standard, it is aimed to create a customer-oriented environment by handling customer feedback and to improve customer service by solving customer complaints and to increase customer satisfaction by increasing organizational ability.

Basic Principles;

* Being transparent about who and how the complaint will be resolved
* Being accessible in the complaint resolution process
* Respond to customer complaint as soon as possible
* Being objective towards everyone in the process of complaint resolution
* Not to charge the customer during the complaint resolution process
* Keeping the customer´s personal information confidential by using only the complaint resolution process
* Being open to feedback and approaching solutions with a customer focus
* Decisions and actions taken in relation to complaints should be accountable and reported.
* There should be continuous improvement in complaint resolution processes and product quality.


Innovations in products and services in today´s competitive environment lead to the redefinition of established performance levels. Establishing a customer satisfaction system is an important requirement for successful businesses to manage customers´ needs and protect their brands. This standard specifies the key requirements for successfully handling customer complaints and helps you deal with customer dissatisfaction in your business.

One of the most important issues of ISO 10002 training is undoubtedly the audits that the certification body will carry out in the next steps within the applicant company. Companies can be prepared for these inspections in the best way with the knowledge and sample studies they have acquired in ISO 10002 training. In addition, the training content also explains how to take corrective and preventive actions against non-conformities detected during inspections.

The standard in ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System training is described over the following items:

1- Scope
2- Cited standards and documents
3- Terms and definitions
4- Guiding principles
5- Complaints handling framework
6- Planning and design
7- Running the process of handling complaints
8- Maintenance or improvement

ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Applies By Who?

ISO 10002 is not only for sales or after-sales service units in companies that have direct relations with customers; It draws a framework for other units such as design, production, R&D and human resources in terms of customer satisfaction. Therefore, it can be applied to any company, regardless of the area of ??activity. The standard can be applied by businesses of all levels, from small and medium-sized businesses to global companies that aim to satisfy their customers and meet their expectations.


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