ISO 14064

If we consider the ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Calculation and Verification Management System, in this standard, all conditions and all requirements related to the design and development of greenhouse gas inventories at company or company level, as well as their management and reporting situations, constitute the relevant principles. . It is necessary to make improvements in the management of greenhouse gases and to determine greenhouse gas emission limits. ISO 14064 is required in order to clearly define the activities and the special measures taken by the company by calculating the removal by greenhouse gas emissions of a business.

With ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Standards, you can have a much closer look at the issues of climate change and sustainability. As with all ISO Documents, you can get the best offers for ISO 14064 from us. It is important that the greenhouse gas inventories of the companies can be designed at the best levels. We know the limits to be determined for your company to make improvements in greenhouse gas management and we qualify your business to receive the ISO 14064 certificate in a short time.

You can call us for ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Standards Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Reporting and Verification Validation Standards, which will provide voluntary verification in response to requests from companies.

With the ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Standards Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Reporting and Verification Validation Standards trainings, which you will receive from Ekol Certification Firm, which will voluntarily verify the requests from the companies, you will have a good grasp of all the details of climate change, you can know all the greenhouse gases that cause climate change, and you can recognize the emission releases in our country. . We carry out the calculation and reporting of the emission values ??of greenhouse gases with our expert consultants in almost every province of Turkey. ISO 14064-1 Part 4: Greenhouse Gas Inventory Design and Development • ISO 14064-1 Part 5: Greenhouse Gas Inventory Components • ISO 14064-1 Section 6: Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quality Management • ISO 14064-1 Section 7: Greenhouse Gas Reporting • You can get support from our experts for ISO 14064-1 Part 8: The Role of the Organization in Verification Activities and more.

ISO 14064 generally has 3 separate parts. To briefly mention these sections, SECTION 1 covers all the details required for companies to prepare, develop and report their enterprise level greenhouse gas inventories. In the SECOND SECTION, the focus is on greenhouse gas projects and projects specifically designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or to increase the removal/retention of these gases. In the LAST CHAPTER, you can obtain the necessary principles and guiding information on behalf of those who verify all the information about greenhouse gases, together with the evaluation.

What is ISO 14064-1 Standard?

This standard is the most preferred standard. It is called monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gases and it is important for almost every facility within the borders of Turkey. It contains important information and details related to the establishment and reporting of greenhouse gas monitoring systems. As Ekol Certification, we can provide ISO 14064-1 standard service for all facilities, factories and businesses within the borders of Turkey.

What is ISO 14064-2 Standard?

This standard includes that the systems and projects that will reduce the emission values ??in greenhouse gases for institutions should be calculable and reportable. It is known as an underused greenhouse gas standard, because there are few projects related to the reduction of greenhouse gasses, not only in our country, but all over the world. In this field, we are able to provide the best services, the best measurements and reporting with our experts.

What is ISO 14064-3 Standard?

ISO 14064-3 Standard is a guiding standard that aims to include monitoring and reporting systems based on the ISO 14064-1 standard and to reduce greenhouse gases according to ISO 14064-2 and is valid with verification.



The verification of the carbon footprints of the companies is carried out according to the requirements and principles revealed through ISO 14067. All information related to the calculation of the approaches to the evaluation of the life cycle values ??of the carbon footprints originating from the products of the enterprises, their verification and reportability will emerge with this standard. ISO 14067 carbon footprint verification responsibility should be fulfilled in order for almost every business to consider climate changes and to deal with climate change issues in the right way. Every business, big or small, should be included in this system and have this document. At this stage, Ekol Certification gives you the best ISO 14067 offers.

Ekol Certification will ensure that all steps required by your business are taken within the scope of Carbon Footprint Verification, will convey the details that must be followed in the process, and will convey the limits regarding the emission details in the greenhouse gas calculations. In addition, we can make your greenhouse gas inventory analyzes with our experts and qualify your business to receive the ISO 14067 standard in a short time.

If you want to get more information about the subject and get sustainability support from expert consultants, you can call the phone numbers on the contact page.

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