ISO 16949 Automotive Industry Quality Management System

You can contact Ekol Certification whenever you want to have an ISO / TS 16949 certificate for your brand. You can access informative content and campaigns from our company´s corporate INSTAGRAM account. We recommend that you follow us. In ISO 16949, which is within the scope of the quality management system in the automotive sector, all automotive manufacturers established on the system can define their special requests. The details within the scope of this standard were originally created by ISO TECHNICAL COMMINITE. Initially, it included the QS 9000, German VDA6.1, French EAQF and Italian AVSQ standards prepared by FORD, GM and CHRYSLER. On the basis of ISO 9001, which is included in the quality guidelines in ISO standards and which is the most demanded, it has also been ensured that specific requirements for the automotive sector are included. It always has the feature for which improvement is intended and will ensure that bugs are introduced.

ISO 16949 Automotive Industry Quality Management System

In ISO 16949, improvements and permanent developments in the automotive sector are aimed. It is aimed to make continuous improvements, prevent mistakes and reduce waste. In this international standard designed for the entire supply chain on this system, regulations specific to each country are examined and compliance with these regulations is ensured. As Ekol Certification, we qualify you for ISO 16949 certification with our experienced consultants, who are the leaders of the industry.

In the ISO 16949 Consulting Automotive Quality Management System Certificate, it is at the forefront that it is gathered under a chain that will cover all other areas from design, application, production, assembly, and service to the entire automotive industry. When we look at the automotive fields within the scope of ISO 16949, all vehicles such as passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, pickup trucks, trucks, buses, motorcycles are included. The only vehicle area that is out of scope is vehicles used for industry and agriculture.

ISO 16949 already includes American (QS-9000), German (VDA6.1), French (EAQF) and Italian (AVSQ) automotive quality system standards, and who need the completion of certification activities in order to meet all the needs of your customers and can meet these needs quickly. It is an ISO document that emerged for the purpose of obtaining It has been created with the inclusion of the requirements of the automotive sector and has always adopted the basic system understanding with the aim of developing it and revealing the errors beforehand.

In order to obtain ISO/TS 16949:2002 certificate together with ISO 9001:2000, you can get the best offers from Ekol Certification Company. Within the scope of this standard, all the quality system requirements in the fields of designing products, developing products, production, assembly, service, etc. are included. For companies producing vehicles, the ISO 16949 standard also includes customer-specific requirements.


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What are the Benefits of the ISO 16949 Standard?

Thanks to this document, which is audited by international certification institutions and is provided when entitled to receive, the strategic decisions of the companies spread over a wide area and create the size of the institution related to various needs and products. Certification will be completed after the third-party authorities visit the company and inspect its compliance with the management systems. The automotive company that has this certificate will also have many benefits.

The ISO 16949 certificate will provide extra confidence for the global resources of companies with improved product and process quality. The development and re-evaluation of automotive companies´ supplier resources will tend to increase and a common quality management system approach will be presented.


Among the benefits of ISO 16949 Consulting Automotive Quality Management System, there will be a decrease in variations within the company and an increase in efficiency. The creation of a common language for a better understanding of the requirements for quality will be provided by the consultancy service you will receive from Ekol Certification, and the number of business contacts will increase.

Thanks to ISO 16949, your company will gain prestige and take a better position in the competitive environment in the market. Get immediate service from Ekol Certification to increase your personnel awareness and for a controlled and disciplined management.

Obtaining ISO 16949 Certificate

You can get support from Ekol Certification to obtain this certificate. As Ekol Certification, we provide our services for all ISO documents. You can call us immediately for the establishment of automotive quality management systems and obtaining the ISO 16949 certificate.

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