ISO 18295-1 Customer Contact Centers System

You are in the right place for ISO 18295 Customer Contact Centers Standard Service Certification. In this management standard, which was prepared with the aim of meeting the expectations of the customers in the customer contact centers and call centers and providing the customers with the right, reliable and customer-oriented service, it is also ensured that the communication quality of the customers is improved and the problems encountered are resolved promptly. With this ISO standard, we know all the technical conditions in customer contact centers and prepare the necessary environments for a better management of communication.

ISO 18295 Customer Contact Centers Standard Service Certification

ISO standards have been developed in order for each business to be successful and for each segment to do well in their field. Call centers have often been the ones needing ISO 18295, which has gone through understanding and perceiving your customers´ expectations. We know that in this area, we receive support from call centers for better communication between businesses and customers and for companies to establish stronger bonds with their customers. It has been proven that customers of companies with call centers feel safer, happier and more loyal.

“ISO 18295-1” and ISO 18295-2” developed by ISO, instead of the TS EN 15838 Customer Relations Centers – Rules Standard for the Fulfillment of Service, which have been in our lives in the past years, have entered our lives and passed through many criteria related to customer contact centers in the international scope. has been made acceptable. With our experts, who have full knowledge of all the rules published by ISO, we entitle your company to receive the ISO 18295 certificate all over Turkey.

The ISO 18295 standard, which includes the requirements of call centers, can be adapted to both internal and external companies serving in our country. As Ekol Certification, we provide ISO 18295 certificate service and consultancy for call centers.

Purpose of ISO 18295 Customer Contact Centers Standard

The purpose of this certification system includes the determination of service quality in customer contact centers. Our consultants contribute to you with their experience within the system that determines the quality in service and takes the necessary steps to increase this quality. We ensure that the standards in the sector are included in the service and we take the necessary steps to ensure that the satisfaction of the customers´ solution partners and personnel is permanent. You can increase the value of your call centers by having a system that is always developing and improving itself.

Thanks to ISO 18295, you trigger the personal development of your staff and take your customer relations to the next level thanks to the training they receive. All the benefits that increase productivity will be presented to you with Ekol Certification. Improving the image of your call center is among the important objectives here. With a good image, you can serve more corporate brands and you will be one step ahead of your competitors in the international competitive environment.


ISO 18295-1 and ISO 18295-2 standards, which are included in the Requirements for Customers Using Customer Contact Centers, are a standard prepared entirely by the International Standardization Committee. It is possible to access all the data, information and experienced consultants you need for this system through Ekol Documentation. In order to increase customer satisfaction, you should bring this scope to your business. This standard, which is specially designed for call centers and has international validity, can be used in all internal and external call centers.


As Ekol Certification, we follow the entire process of our customers who want to be included in the scope of ISO 18295-1 Requirements for Customer Contact Centers & ISO 18295-2 Requirements for Customers Using Customer Contact Centers. For companies that want to receive this service from Ekol, firstly, the scope of certification will be defined and the situations related to GAP analyzes & standards will be determined within the scope of preliminary audits. When we take a look at the certification audit, we want you to know that this audit consists of 2 different stages. The first stage with priority is the stage related to whether the company is ready for certification. All systems are reviewed and when it becomes appropriate, the transition to the 2nd stage is made. In the second stage, the results of the audit will be examined and if a positive result is obtained, you will have your ISO certificate valid for 3 years.

For more information and details on the subject, you can call our phone numbers on the Ekol Certification website that you have reviewed.

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