ISO 21001 Training Institutions Management System Certificate


The SO 21001: 2018 standard is an internationally recognized general standard. It was developed by ISO to define the requirements for International Education Organizations management systems. An educational institution obtaining ISO 21001 Standard Certificate by meeting all the requirements of the ISO 21001 Training Institutions Management System will add a significant value to that organization. The standard can be seen as a common management tool for organizations that offer educational products and services that can meet students and other customer needs and needs. And the need to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide, share and facilitate the construction of knowledge to students, meeting applicable legal and regulatory requirements, can be provided with this standard.

In today´s global world, education as a sector has to be subject to many institutions such as laws, regulations and ethical rules. This is an inevitable necessity in terms of principles and reputation. With the ISO 21001 training organization management systems certificate, it is determined to create a stakeholder management system all over the world. ISO 21001 is an international standard and supports the development of needs, skills, knowledge and behaviors for research and education. It determines the conditions of a management system for educational institutions and sets a standard.

Based on this standard, the potential benefits of a management system implementation organization for training organizations are listed as follows:

* To ensure that aims and activities are better aligned with the policy
* Increasing social responsibility by providing inclusive and equitable quality education to everyone
* Creating a more personalized learning and effective response system for all students and especially for students with special education needs, distance learners and lifelong learning opportunities
* Providing consistent processes and assessment tools to demonstrate and increase efficiency and productivity
* Increasing the reliability of the organization
* A tool that enables educational institutions to demonstrate their commitment to effective education management practices
* A culture for organizational development
* Harmonization of regional, national, open, proprietary and other standards in an international framework
* Expanding the participation of interested parties
* It is the promotion of excellence and innovation.

If we consider these items briefly and in general terms, it has benefits such as encompassing all units, creating a sense of trust, encouraging innovation and excellence, determining processes aimed at showing that efficiency and productivity are concrete, and adopting education as a principle not only during the training period but also in the whole life of the person.

ISO 21001 Training Institutions Management System Certification Process

Managers who want to establish an ISO 21001 Training Institutions Management System in educational institutions should meet with the authorized institutions that carry out audits and certification processes regarding this standard and prepare for the audits. It should also prepare and submit the requested documents. If all the inspections pass and the required documents are provided, the relevant manager; It can obtain ISO 21001 Training Institutions Management System Certificate and apply this management system in the educational institution. The company that issues the ISO 21001 certificate must be a certification company authorized by the accreditation institutions. The validity period of ISO 21001 Training Institutions Management System Certificate; It is 3 years with the condition of being audited every year. With these audits, the existence of documents in accordance with ISO 21001 Standard in the relevant company and whether the system is properly implemented is checked. Regular interim inspection fees must be paid each year. At the end of the third year, it is required to undergo a re-certification audit. If this audit is successfully passed, the validity period of the ISO 21001 Training Institutions Management System Certificate will be extended for 3 years. As a result, it is necessary to be audited every 3 years.

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