ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Consultancy

Thanks to ISO 22000, which is the scope of the Food Safety Management System, it is possible for your company to have a certificate in global standards through Ekol Certification. This standard, which emerged within the scope as of 2005, has been accepted all over the world. The main purpose of the relevant standard is to include all institutions and organizations in the food chain that provide food safety. It harmonizes the entire supply chain from the producer segment to the consumer segment, reduces food hazards, controls risks and brings along many auxiliary efforts to prevent the contamination of our global world.

Thanks to this internationally known standard, companies control safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe. In the field of food safety, which is a global problem, ISO 22000 is a system in which in-house competence is conveyed and applied in detail, and diseases and injuries can be defined in food consumption.

Who Needs ISO 22000 Standard?

All companies, institutions and organizations in the food supply chain can benefit from this standard.

It provides certification to companies in the ISO 22000 food chain, which will integrate systems such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) into your company. To give an example to companies within the scope of the food chain, companies that produce food, companies that produce feed, companies that distribute food products, companies that offer food products storage services, companies that provide packaging of food products, and companies that produce packaging materials used in food products.

It can be preferred by all companies that want to increase the quality of ISO 22000, which aims to create a safe food traceability, controlling every step from the procurement of the raw material to the processing of the packaging of the produced product until it reaches the end consumer.

Thanks to ISO 22000, companies both produce safe food and successfully control their personnel, business structure and other equipment. If we need to talk about the companies that can benefit from the ISO 22000 Food Safety certification service that will be offered to you by the Ekol Certification company, the categories of companies that can indicate their compliance with the relevant standards and have the relevant certificate, farmers, food products manufacturers, food products sellers, catering companies , companies that manufacture food ingredients, companies that sell packaging materials, companies that supply packaging, companies that supply packaging materials, companies of all product manufacturers that come into contact with food, cleaning and sanitation agents, institutions and organizations that provide equipment for the product, harvesters, organizations that provide cleaning services It can cover many fields of activity such as transporters of food products, companies providing storage services for food products, distribution organizations.

ISO 22000 Standard Benefits

* Commitments to be submitted for the company´s suppliers are valid.
* There is an internal management and communication systems improvement.
* Assurances are provided for brand quality, reliability and safety.
* There will be a decrease in costs that will occur as a result of recalling or withdrawing products from the market.
* The quality and awareness of the company´s brand increases.
* Decrease in foodborne diseases and to be a safe company.
* Being known as a quality company within the scope of your food activities and doing safe work.
* You will progress better in resource utilization.
* There are many healthy bases for making your in-house decisions.
* With ISO 22000, resource savings are achieved and better planning is made.
* The company´s food safety management system is developed.
* Preventive plans are put into effect within the scope of food safety.
* With the quality your customers will receive, their loyalty increases.
* The reputation of the brand in the sector increases and it adapts to other internationally accepted standards.
* All risks in the field of food safety are minimized.

Advantages of ISO 22000 for Your Company

* There will be an increase in Service, Personnel and Product Quality.
* Improvements in working environments within the company will begin to be seen.
* Job satisfaction and work efficiency within the company will increase.
* Awareness on food safety and hygiene will increase.
* The company will be in a better position in the supply chain.
* The firm´s competitive power will increase.
* Conveniences will be provided for export transactions thanks to the international standard.
* Food poisoning is prevented.
* It will be ensured that the food waste situation is eliminated or minimized.
* There will be qualified staff for the working staff.

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