ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management System Training

It is a training we recommend for businesses. The importance of events, business risks and the functioning of other organizations in environmental characteristics is very important for companies. ISO 22301, which is among the international ISO standards, includes the continuous work of the companies and also the resistance in unexpected situations. In ISO 22301, it includes methods related to the prevention of accidents, eliminating the disruptions in the entire production and service of the company, and immediate intervention techniques. As a result of some unforeseen events, it is necessary to be certified with ISO 22301 BUSINESS CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in order for the company to continue its services and production without interruption and without any problems. We are at the service of all our visitors who want to get this certificate.

ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management System

ISO 22301 will be your protector so that you can understand all the threats that may come up during your work, place them in order of priority and manage your business continuity. You can know all the developments in advance and you can ensure that the problems you encounter are minimized.

ISO 22301 will be the savior for all businesses of any size. By having this certificate, you gain the ability to provide 1st class service to all customers and all business stakeholders under many conditions, and at the same time, your data is backed up and losses are minimized. Thanks to ISO 22301, the recovery time of critical functions will also be minimized. You can benefit from many advantages by being included in this system and having an ISO certificate.

What are the Advantages of ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management?

Each ISO Certification has its own benefits. In addition to ISO certificates with common features, one of them with unique features and unique benefits is ISO 22301 certificate. Those who have this certificate will always reach their business goals on time thanks to the business continuity management system, and will enable you to discover details and opportunities that will help you achieve your business goals. Besides these;

* It will allow you to identify all threats that may come instantly or later for your company.
* It is useful for the reputation management of your business, it allows you to strengthen your reputation management.
* It will ensure that a proactive approach is adopted in order to minimize the impact of all accidents within the scope of the business.
* It will increase the trust of the customers of the business to the brand.
* It helps to solve the critical functions and processes faster in times of internal crisis. It makes the functions work.
* It will minimize all downtime that may arise from work accidents and accelerate the recovery processes.
* By knowing the risks and minimizing the risks, the continuity of your processes is ensured.
* It gives the brand not only national but also international recognition.
* Flexibility in bid requests for your company´s customers & suppliers is ensured.


With the training offered to you in this field, you will understand all the concepts of business continuity. It is an ISO document that is needed by almost every sector, large and small. All of the issues that need attention for business continuity management will be explained to you and the necessary studies will be provided to you by expert trainers in order to create a business continuity structure. It is the most demanded training among ISO Documents within the scope of our trainings.

Some of Our Educational Content

Incident Management Process

Emergency Management and Responsibilities

Business Continuity Policy

Business Continuity Roles and Responsibilities

Business Impact Analysis Fundamentals

The concept and types of business continuity exercises

The place of exercises in business continuity planning

Business Continuity Performance Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

Information on ISO 22301 Certification Audit

Business Continuity and ISO 22301:2019

Experienced business continuity incidents and measures to be taken

What is Business Continuity Risk Management and Its Place in Business Continuity Studies

Introduction of Business Continuity Management Strategies

Business Continuity Plans and Procedures

Training is provided on such topics.

As Ekol Certification, we offer you the best trainings with expert trainers.

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