ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate


ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is a systematic and preventive approach to effectively manage the risks to the security of companies´ confidential information. The system promotes the effective management of sensitive corporate information by highlighting vulnerabilities to provide protection against potential threats. This standard covers people, processes and information technologies. ISO 27001 Information Security Management System; It supports organizations to be aware of their information assets, to understand the importance of their assets, to identify and manage their risks and to ensure business continuity. At the same time, in order to prevent unauthorized or unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure, elimination, damage and change of hands, necessary security analyzes are made and measures are taken to protect against unwanted threats and dangers.

What Advantages Does ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certification Provide?

Information is a valuable asset. It must be protected at all costs. This standard will help your company coordinate all of its security efforts electronically and physically. Businesses and institutions that implement ISO 27001 gain great advantages. It will show potential customers that the security of personal and commercial information is taken seriously. It will ensure that there is a consistent and cost-effective approach to information management.

It is useful to take a brief look at the other advantages of Information Security Management System Certification:

1. It eliminates or minimizes the risks, threats and many problems in information security.
2. The time and workload spent on information security processes within the institution is reduced.
3. Creates an awareness of information security on all personnel in the enterprise.
4. One of the most important advantages of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certification is to add prestige to the organization; it also increases the competitive power in the market.
5. Legal obligations are met. However, it provides access to many tenders.
6. Working with a trusted provider offers customers integrity in terms of data protection.
7. It builds more trust in the supply chain and thus, stronger customer relationships are established.
8. Having appropriate access controls in place reduces the likelihood of confidential and sensitive information disclosed to employees.
9. Provides assurance that employers comply with data processing safety rules.
10. By clearly defining roles and responsibilities, it ensures increase in job satisfaction and productivity.

ISO 27001 Standard; It is a standard prepared to create a model for the establishment, development, operation, monitoring, review, continuity and sustainability of the Information Management System. This standard includes the standards required for the certification of organizations about Information Security Management Systems. All organizations, regardless of the sector, can establish this system and obtain ISO 27001 certificate.

The steps to be taken in an institution that wants to implement an Information Security Management System:

1. Security policy is created.
2. Information Security Organization is established.
3. Asset management is done.
4. Duties and responsibilities are determined by human resources and agreements regarding confidentiality are made.
5. Physical and environmental security is provided.
6. Communication and business management are organized.
7. Controls regarding access are provided, authorizations and access based on authorizations are determined.
8. Updates are made regarding the procurement, development and maintenance of information systems.
9. Information security incidents management order is established.
10. Business continuity management is improved.
11. Compliance of information with laws, contracts and orders must be ensured.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certification Process

Companies aiming to have the ISO 27001 certificate have to fulfill the requirements of this standard in any case. Steps such as providing the necessary documentation, creating records, installing system components and so on should be carried out as included in ISO 27001. Each company that establishes and monitors the information security system and detects that there is no problem, then makes an application to an authorized certification body to complete the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certification process. Independent auditors from this organization visit the business sites and make the necessary controls, and if there is no problem, they prepare a positive report. Based on this report, the relevant company is given ISO 27001 certificate. Protecting your organization´s information is crucial to the successful and smooth management of your organization. Achieving the ISO 27001 standard will help your organization manage and protect valuable and information assets. The ISO 27001 certification process can be summarized as the following items.

1. Initial Evaluation

* Determination of nonconformity areas
* Suggesting improvement areas to meet the requirements
* Collecting information to compile documents

2. Writing Documents

* Compilation of documents
* Including mandatory procedures along with existing operating procedures

3. Documentation

* Structuring documentation when all requirements are met

These processes are part of the two-step evaluation process as a whole.

In all ISO 27001 certification processes, the following stages are included as the first evaluation and second evaluation:

Stage One: This initial assessment determines whether the mandatory requirements of the standard are met and the management system cannot pass the second pass.
Second Stage: This second assessment determines the effectiveness of the system and tries to verify that the management system is implemented and working.

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