ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Consultancy

Thanks to the Information Security Management System ISO 27001, the security of corporate information is ensured and it is the only international auditable standard that is supportive by the senior management in the information systems related to the relevant processes of people and can also define the necessary requirements at the same time.

With the aim of protecting information, you can have the ISO 27001 standard to give confidence to your customers. With the relevant standard, you can create, implement and operate your information security management system within the organization. Of course, all processes can then be taken under control so that the transactions can be monitored, examined and developed. It is possible for almost any organization to meet the requirements in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard. All companies, regardless of large and small scale enterprises, can obtain this certificate through Ekol Certification.

It is not possible for companies to protect information by taking only technical measures. A number of measures should be taken to ensure information security and to avoid disruptions in business continuity. With ISO 27001, a globally accepted certification system, you can review your company´s security policies and train your employees on information security certification. The proper behavior of a company itself and its personnel in terms of information security can bring very good results for the institution.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is necessary to provide your customers that their information is securely protected. It is an international standard for security audits. You can contact us to integrate this standard, which is especially important in tourism, finance, health and public areas, to your company and show your customers that safe information flow is ensured, so that we can integrate the requirements into your company immediately.

Thanks to ISO 27001, which is the Information Security Management System, companies predetermine risk management in many areas, plans to be made in risky situations, duties and responsibilities. These are very important for the continuity of the work. It is important to prepare emergency incident management and keep their records practically. You can get service from expert consultants of Ekol Certification firm in order to have a document about this system that you want to integrate into your institution.

For companies that attach importance to information management, it will be sufficient to adopt and establish the ISO 27001 standard. Obligation to obtain ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and ISO 20000 certificates has been imposed on private integrator companies that will provide e-invoice services.

Purpose of ISO 27001

* Ensuring business continuity within the company.
* Protection of the integrity, accessibility and confidentiality of the customer.
* Restriction and control of access to information resources within the company.
* To keep information securely and to ensure that it is open to auditors.
* To prevent internal information security breaches and to reduce the effects of all possible problems.
* To minimize the business damages that will occur due to information security.
* It is aimed to protect the corporate reputation of the company, depending on the risk management by determining the risks and threats related to internal security.

You need ISO 27001, an international standard, to ensure information security within the company. Your company´s success in the field of information security will be proven with this certification. Following the policies related to information security and creating the necessary procedures are offered to you by our company´s expert trainers and consultants in return for our services. You can find the answers to all the questions you have in mind by calling the Ekol Certification numbers.

With ISO 27001, it has secure software and hardware, and at the same time, the roles and job distributions of the personnel within the organization are reviewed. You can work with our experienced consultants to make necessary appointments and to provide resources for information security.

For more information and answers to your questions, immediately call Ekol Certification via the numbers on the contact page.

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