ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Training


ISO 27001 Information Security Management System includes corporate structure, security policies, risk assessment and risk action plans, responsibilities, practices, processes and procedures as an international standard designed to protect information assets and provide adequate security controls to give confidence to relevant parties. With this management system being made compulsory for many organizations, related organizations are carrying out a separate study to obtain ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certificate. Since there are many important points in the process of getting documents, organizations provide various trainings for some of their staff. One of these trainings is ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Internal Auditor Training.

What is the Purpose of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Training?

This training helps organizations to plan the whole process until they have ISO 27001 certification and to follow the right strategies within the organization after the certificate is obtained.

In this regard, with ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Training, organizations are trying to achieve the following goals:

* Establishment and continuous improvement of the management system.
* Acquiring all necessary basic documentation knowledge.
* Understanding, interpreting and applying the items of the standard correctly.
* Establishing the correct reporting skills required by the management system.
* Raising awareness of the ISO 27001 process and information security within the institution.

The fast gaining importance of the internet in our lives brings along security issues. The widespread use of computer programs and the internet causes dangers by malicious or unconscious users due to security weaknesses. The 27001 Information Security Management System standard sets out the requirements of an effective security management system suitable for organizations of all sizes, whether public or private, production or service sector. In this context, it is a standard that can guide the management of security elements in software developed by organizations.


The audience that the training addresses is all the personnel involved in the ISO 27001 process in the institutions. In this regard, all employees, managers, consultants involved in the implementation of the management system; Persons responsible for the reporting processes required by ISO 27001, internal auditors and auditor candidates who control the processes of the management system should receive ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Training.

As EKOL Certification Body, our content within the scope of this training is listed as follows:

* Information security management definitions and concepts
* Information security management standards and development of ISO 27001
* Requirements of the standard
* Relationship with quality management standards
* Articles, explanation and interpretation of the ISO 27001 Standard
* Information security checkpoints
* Security policy
* Physical and environmental security
* Human resources security
* Communication and operating management
* Information Systems acquisition, development and maintenance
* Sampling

Educational subjects

* Information Security Management System requirements
* Information Security Management System definitions
* Preparation of Information Security Management System documentation
* Identifying and managing Information Security Management System risks
* Information Security Management System internal audit
* Information Security Management System review

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