ISO 29993 Education and Training Services Management System

As with all ISO documents you will acquire with Ekol Certification, this international document developed for education and training systems, ISO 29993, aims to provide you with a global quality in education and training. Within the scope of increasing quality services of your company, its profitability will increase at the same rate. Having a controllable system in terms of management and control, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.

When you set off with Ekol Certification, the right inspections and services are provided to you by expert trainers. You know and can respond to international expectations in order to focus on the qualifications of learning service providers and increase their competence capabilities.

ISO 29993 Consulting

The ISO 29993 Standard is intended for companies providing training services. Get service from the expert consultants of Ekol Certification for this document, which is a guide for institutions and also a guide for institutions. It will be advantageous for the institution to know that each individual who wants to receive education will have an international response and to know that he will receive education at international standards. With this situation, which will increase the prestige of the training company, the brand will be recognizable.

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Public schools, private schools, vocational education institutions and universities can take the standard of ISO 29990 Education Certificate. In addition, institutions that provide training online can receive training in institutions that provide training to personnel within the institution. ISO 29993 certificate is required for almost every institution, business active in the field of education.

You are in the right place to benefit from ISO 29993 Education and Training Services Management System Certification services. With our expert staff in the field, we offer you services in all ISO documents and we provide services for the most popular document of the last period, ISO 29993.

ISO 29993 - Education and Training Services Management System

When we take a look at the scope of the TS ISO 29993 document, it covers all the requirements of the teaching services in formal education, including the types of learning throughout life. The trainings within the company include all services related to education for situations such as vocational training issues within the institution. Learning service providers included in ISO 29993, in addition to learning services, this document, which will be taken when considering all aspects of which the institution will be a part for their goods and services, only includes learning services and is valid within the scope of learning services.

TS ISO 29993 Certificate will be useful in schools, colleges and universities in learning and education systems.

Within the scope of education and training institutions that have increased recently in our country, it is aimed to increase the quality of institutions globally and to achieve developments in institutions. It both increases the quality of the institution and enables you to be an institution that can be compared in the world in terms of learning and can be one step ahead of its competitors. You can call Ekol Certification to benefit from quality professional practice services at affordable prices. ISO 29993, which provides effective services in almost every province of Turkey and provides a common reference for developing non-formal education and training services, is offered to you at the most affordable prices.

WHY ISO 29993

Hundreds of thousands of education service providers around the world and in our country offer specially designed and non-formal education courses. In order to keep the quality of non-formal education under control, this standard has been established and guide documents have been created. With the creation of a comparison mechanism for the trainees, the quality of education will increase.

The ISO 29993 document, which will help companies focus on their information needs and business, will be presented to you by Ekol Certification. Included in this standard, it has been ensured that the focus of education is shifted to learning according to the needs of the training participants.

TS ISO 29993 TO YOU;

* It allows you to increase the organizational effectiveness of the company and aims to perform your business processes better.

* You can ensure that you have a verifiable and certifiable training model in your institution.

* Transparency and comparability will be ensured in your institution where you provide training services.

* In-house training models are evaluated within the framework of risk and trust is gained.

When we look at the Benefits for the Learning Services Provider, excellence and defined processes will be achieved within the scope of reviewing all programs in education. With this document received by the institution, thanks to the fact that the institution is a brand that is internationally accepted and complies with the standards, the value and change processes of the employees will increase, and the institution will become the leader among those who do not have this standard in the competitive market.

The ISO 29993 Education and Training Services Management System will provide students with transparency and comparability in the field of learning provision. Within the scope of the services that the student will receive from those who have this standard, it is ensured that they are earned in the international arena.

Students are offered the benefit of this standard enhanced, enriched learning experience while also receiving instruction from competent instructors and taking advantage of interactive instruction. Thanks to ISO 29993, students gain a strong professional competence. This means that students will see a high value from employers for the benefits they will gain in the future.

As Ekol Certification, we offer services and consultancy to all those who want to obtain ISO 29993 certificate.

No matter which city in Turkey you are in, you can get support from our expert consultants.

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