ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management System Certificate


Corporate Governance is a management approach that aims to protect the rights of all stakeholders directly or indirectly related to all activities carried out by the enterprise, and to reveal the responsibilities and obligations of the business management. Corporate Risk Management is an activity created in order to define the risks that may affect the business, to manage them in accordance with the corporate risk taking profile of the enterprise, and to provide assurance regarding the achievement of the goals of the enterprise, and is used by the top management of the administration and all other employees in determining the strategies and carried out in all processes.

ISO 31000 Risk Management is an international standard. This standard assists companies in risk analysis and risk assessments by providing comprehensive principles and guidelines. Whether working in the public, private, or social sphere, it can be applied to planning, management activities and communication processes, that is, to all the various activities that an organization conducts as long as it exists. It is possible to apply these standards to all kinds of risks in the strategies it carries out during these activities, the business processes it uses, management decisions, projects, implementation instructions.

Since corporate governance practices are determined within the framework of various factors (legal system, corporate culture, etc.) of each country, it is not possible to talk about a standard corporate governance model valid for each country. It is seen that the concepts of equality, transparency, accountability and responsibility appear as common principles in corporate governance approaches. These four basic principles of corporate governance are linked to each other on the basis of performance measurement and development, thus creating value for the shareholders of companies and working in harmony with social values.

Benefits of Creating an ISO 31000 Risk Management System within the Organization

An organization can use ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management System standards to regulate its current risks or the risks it will face in the future and to adapt its documentation accordingly. After all, these standards are not intended for a direct document, and show a general approach that supports standards that relate to specific risks.

When the ISO 31000 Standard is implemented and maintained in harmony, it makes a significant contribution to an organization´s realization of the following;

* Increasing the probability of achieving the goals,
* To encourage pro active management,
* To achieve business continuity,
* To be aware of the need to define and process risk throughout the organization,
* Improving the identification of opportunities and threats,
* To comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements and international norms,
* Applies management system controls for risk analysis to minimize losses
* Improving mandatory and voluntary reporting,
* Improving management,
* To ensure the trust and confidence of the shareholders,
* To create a reliable basis for decision making and planning,
* Improving controls and allocating resources effectively for risk processing,
* Improving business efficiency and productivity,
* To increase the health and safety performance as well as environmental protection,
* Improving damage prevention and incident management,
* Minimizing damages and improving organizational learning.

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