ISO 37001 Anti-Corruption Management System Consultancy

Ekol Certification offers you the "ISO 37001 Anti-Corruption Management System Consultancy" service within the scope of ISO CERTIFICATION activities.

Within the scope of the fight against corruption, we are able to provide our consultancy services all over Turkey so that the institutions acquire an anti-corruption management system, the system that acquires it is applicable and sustainable. We specify the requirements for the review and development of the fight against corruption in all areas within the scope of ISO 37001 and guide the businesses of our valued visitors. ISO 37001, which is a system that can operate independently, can also be integrated into a management system. To explain the service titles that we will offer to companies within the scope of the anti-corruption management system you will receive from Ekol Certification;

* The issue of corporate bribery is discussed.
* Corruption issues are investigated by the organization.
* Corruption issues in public institutions, private sectors or non-profit sectors are addressed.
* Corruption cases acted by the business partners of the institution and for their benefit are handled.
* Corruption matters made by the personnel of those who work on behalf of the company and those who benefit from the company are handled.
* Corruption cases of company personnel related to company activities are handled. Corruption matters in the company´s activities related to the company´s business partners.
* All cases of corruption, directly or indirectly, are handled.

ISO 37001:2016 is an International standard that has been established to prevent and destroy the destructive effects of institutions that will arise as a result of bribes, and its application is comprehensive and always aims to improve. We know that companies that have this certificate take precautions against corruption that may occur within themselves and always protect their prestige.

Some Benefits of ISO 37001 for Your Organization

ISO 37001 aims that every individual in your organization defines the word bribery and that the act of this word is prevented before it occurs. It ensures that all bribery-related situations that may occur within the institution are determined and constantly monitored.

With ISO 37001, your company becomes a more reliable brand both in the country and in the world and gains prestige. Thanks to ISO 37001, where you can adopt an ethical business culture, you can have an anti-corruption management system and in this context, you can prepare the infrastructure of your organization in the best way.

Thanks to ISO 37001, your brand will be at the forefront of your competitors and will always be open to improvement. By having this system and standard, you can minimize your financial penalties by complying with the legal regulations. The anti-corruption system is important to reduce the cost.

This standard is a standard that can be integrated with all other management systems and can be easily installed together. Within the scope of the certification services you will receive from our Ekol Certification company, we will first make a GAP analysis and then prepare the scope determination. Project plans will be created by determining the management system teams in the fight against corruption, training plans will be prepared for the company and risk assessments will be made. Ekol Certification provides you with the services it will provide for all kinds of ISO certificates, as well as the adaptation of the documentation and application systems to the institution in ISO 37001, the review of internal audits and management and, at the last stage, accompanying your company during the certification audits.

In order to benefit from these unique services, you can get an offer from our company immediately. Those who want to get an offer for ISO 37001 from Ekol Certification will be sufficient to visit the contact page and call our numbers on the relevant page.


ISO 37001 covers corruption issues only. ISO 37001 is very important in order to prevent and detect corruption that may take place in an institution and to react immediately to these situations. Fraud, money laundering and other forms of corruption will be prevented within the scope of training models and consultancy services to be designed by our consultants.

For more information and details, you can call us without hesitation.One of the biggest problems and most challenging problems of our world is corruption and bribery. The fight against bribery at the international level continues at full speed in every country. However, despite all these efforts, corruption and bribery continue to be major problems for countries. We know that ISO has developed a standard in this field that can help companies and institutions fight against bribery and corruption. You can access the most comprehensive information about the ISO 37001 standard on this page of Ekol Certification and call our company immediately for information. Ekol Certification offers you "ISO 37001 Anti-Corruption Management System Consultancy" service within the scope of ISO CERTIFICATION activities.

It is possible to get the best consultancy services in this field from Ekol Certification. We prepare suitable offers for your company in this field with Turkey´s best consultants and trainers. Regardless of the size of your company, we want to ensure that it acts with awareness of the risks of corruption and bribery. Ekol Certification provides services for large, medium and all small businesses for ISO 37001. It is our pride to be at the service of companies operating in the public and private sectors. Our expert trainers are at your service to ensure quality and occupational safety in this field. We are at your service all over Turkey to detect situations such as corruption and bribery, evaluate fraud risks and improve your business culture.

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Ekol Certification has a worldwide network of auditors. This puts you in a very advantageous position for ISO 37001. We offer you all the experienced services through Ekol Certification connections in your region, and inform you at every step taken. You can contact Ekol Certification at any time you want to receive services or quotes regarding certification according to international standards.

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