ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate


Effective energy management is not only beneficial for organizations but is now a necessity. The best way to achieve this is with ISO 50001. This international standard defines energy management standards that are best defined globally.

Today, production increases day by day and in parallel with this, energy resources are decreasing. With the increase in production, the concepts of efficient use of energy resources, energy saving, energy efficiency, recovery and reuse gain importance in industries. Considering all these, it is inevitable to make an energy saving and to establish an energy management system.

Energy management is the efficient use of energy without compromising safety, production quality and quantity, environmental responsibilities. The ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard ensures that organizations create processes and systems that are necessary to increase energy efficiency, and the implementation and sustainability of these processes and systems. The standard covers all energy types. It encourages all organizations to have effective energy management, cost reduction and environmental awareness.

ISO 50001: 2018 IS PUBLISHED !!!!

The new version of the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard was published by the International Standards Organization ISO on 21 August 2018. Existing ISO 50001: 2011 certified organizations will be given a 3-year transition period to transition to the new version; The documents of organizations that do not upgrade to the new version until August 20, 2021 will expire.
As stated in the IAF Resolution 2017-14 document published by the International Accreditation Forum IAF; All accredited certification bodies are obliged to carry out ISO 50001 audits according to the 2018 version of the standard as of February 21, 2020.

What are the Benefits of ISO 50001 Energy Management System?

* Reduces energy consumption with the help of projects put into practice.
* Keeps and reduces costs arising from energy.
* Keeps the use of existing devices and equipment under control.
* Provides information about performance by monitoring energy consumption.
* Increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance with laws.
* It reduces the negative environmental impact caused by waste.
* Demonstrating the organization´s energy use improvement commitments to shareholders and other parties
* Enabling energy management system certification from an accredited third party
* Increases prestige in the society regarding energy awareness.
* Contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
* Provides resource savings in case of integration with other management systems.
* Ensuring that energy management complies with the promised policy

ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certification Process

ISO 50001 Certificate is obtained after determining whether an organization complies with the requirements of ISO 50001 through an audit performed by third party certification bodies such as EKOL Certification. This certificate is renewed every three years and the audit of the certificate is performed annually.

* Certification Decision
* Implementation of Project Management
* Defining Scope
* Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment
* Documentation / Documentation
* Internal ISO 50001 Audit
* ISO 50001 Certification

Regardless of the size and sector of the ISO 50001 Energy Management System, any organization that produces a good or service can establish and implement it. The ISO 50001 Energy Management System directly concerns organizations operating intensely energy-related or organizations that may face a legal obligation regarding greenhouse gas emissions. It is of great importance for such enterprises to establish the ISO 50001 system and to obtain this certificate in terms of their own interests and globally.

“As EKOL Certification Firm, we would like to help you with our ISO 50001 Energy Management System service. You can contact us for detailed information. "As for the Mandatory of ISO 50001 Energy Management System, it is important that almost every single one of your operations is under control. It is important for all companies to use energy economically in terms of raw materials and to take advantage of energy prices. You can get information & support from the expert consultants of Ekol Certification for the issue of energy consumption, which is also closely related to the supply chain. The correct use of energy and avoidance of situations that will cause climate change will provide a good advantage to obtain ISO 50001, which is accepted, known and most demanded in the international market. You can get support from Ekol Certification to ensure that the world´s resources can be used correctly in the consumption of energy resources, and to reduce climate changes and damage to the world.

It benefits every business, big or small. It offers every business the opportunity to take important steps for the future. Thanks to ISO 50001, your greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced. You can get information from Ekol in order to achieve the mandatory energy efficiency targets and to demonstrate your compliance with the regulations.

ISO 50001 Document Consultancy

You can get consultancy regarding this ISO certificate by calling Ekol Certification. You will have a more effective risk management in your company thanks to this system, which will reduce even the energy cost of your company and provide reliability to your customers, partners and business stakeholders. This ISO certificate, which you will have both in the local market and in the international market, will reveal and show that you have good legal management. Companies with effective management systems always have a high market share. You can get energy management systems consultancy for institutions to convey positive messages to their employees and customers.

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