ISO 56000 Innovation Management System

ISO 56000 Innovation Management Systems-related services have recently entered our lives in ISO, which is the world´s number 1 organization as an international standards organization. This system, which is frequently mentioned by terms such as development, inventions, R&D, product and improvement, includes technologies known as product and service innovation.

Many developers, academics and company owners continue to work on innovation. With the establishment and developments of the technical committee called ISO TC 279, regarding the creation, development and promotion of management standards in the field of innovation, ISO 56000 was formed in 2018 sense, after many series. It is a type of approach that is created with the aim of developing corporate innovation, creating standard innovation terminology, managing interactions between stakeholders, creating and managing processes in strategic intelligence management and idea management, as well as intellectual property management, and ensuring sustainability.


In general, they involve the realization of combinations, which will include the development of new methods for placing products on the market, the capture of new sources of supply, and the acquisition of innovations in the markets. It is important that the business can be developed in every sector. Innovative activities should be carried out for business development and for organizations to grow even more. Combinations of management of processes and change methods in Innovation are called INNOVATION MANAGEMENT. Would you like to take a look at the INNOVATIVE Innovation management standard developed for the marketing of products and monitoring of business processes with Ekol Certification?

The ISO 56000 Standard has been developed by ISO. It will enable the company to develop systems in which managers, employees and users are in cooperation, and thanks to ISO 56000, the company can meet the opportunities in the domestic and foreign markets. We provide professional consultancy services for the ISO 56000 Certificate, which helps to develop and market new products and systems.

It is known as the most important element for highlighting and announcing the new systems produced and started to serve by many brands. Some parts of the standards series, consisting of 9 parts in total, have been published. In order to keep up with the development and change and to find bigger investors for your projects, adapt yourself to the International Innovation Management Startups developed by ISO. The series of standards of ISO 56000;

ISO 56000: 2020 Innovation Management – ??Basic Principles and Terminologies
ISO 56002: 2019 Innovation Management – ??Innovation Management System – Guide
ISO 56003: 2019 Innovation Management – ??Tools and Methods for Innovation Partnership – Guide
ISO 5.6001: 2019 Innovation Management – ??Valuation – Guide
ISO 56005 Innovation Management – ??Intellectual Property Management – ??Guide
ISO 56006 Innovation Management – ??Strategic Intelligence Management – ??Guide
ISO 56007 Innovation Management – ??Idea Management – ??Guide
ISO 56008 Innovation Management – ??Tools and Methods for Innovation Operations Measurements -Guidelines
ISO 56010 Innovation Management – ??Explanatory ISO 56000 Examples

You can get support from us to get ISO 56000 Certificate. We provide services to entrepreneurs, SMEs, SME candidates, companies larger than SMEs, academic institutions and private sector organizations that will cooperate with larger companies at the most affordable prices.

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