ISO TS 13027 Hygiene and Sanitation Certificate


ISO TS 13027 Hygiene and Sanitation in Food Production Facilities is a standard created to regulate the general rules for hygiene and sanitation of food producing enterprises. The Regulation on Food Safety and Quality Supervision and Control was put into effect in 2008 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Similar to the ISO TS 13027 standard, the regulation regulates the technical conditions that businesses manufacturing foodstuffs are obliged to comply with regarding food safety and quality. With this standard, the basic production and environmental conditions required to produce safe food that will not endanger the health of consumers and will not harm them are provided, and the risks that may threaten the safety of food are determined in advance and dangers are prevented.

Sanitation and Hygiene Concepts

Sanitation is derived from the Latin word sanitas, which means health. Sanitation broadly includes principles to be applied in the improvement, protection and recovery of human health. When it comes to sanitation in the food industry, it is understood "creating and maintaining hygienic and healthy conditions in production". Hygiene, on the other hand, is intertwined with sanitation and both are concepts that complement each other. According to ancient Greek mythology, "Hygienia" is the goddess of health and is also the daughter of Asklepeion, the father of medicine. Hygiene mostly covers the causes of diseases and their elimination, that is, a field called preventive medicine. Food hygiene, on the other hand, covers all the works carried out to provide suitable conditions at every stage from the farm to the table in order to produce healthy food.

Hygiene and Sanitation Certificate Application Areas

All processes from food production, storage, transportation and presentation must comply with the Food Hygiene regulation in order to ensure that food production organizations can produce and serve in clean and healthy environments, and to protect the health of end consumers and buyers. Companies operating in the food industry are required to obtain a Hygiene and Sanitation Certificate. Companies that manufacture food products, restaurants, restaurants, cafes, canteens and buffets, market chains, food storage companies, food packaging companies, logistics companies and similar food outlets can be included in this category.

The standard published by TSE for the application in food factories regulates the following places and materials:

* Manufacturing facilities of food businesses
* Multi-use sections of the enterprises such as office, dining hall, dishwashing room, toilet, shower, infirmary, dressing cabinets
* Business environment
* Lighting and heating systems of businesses
* Fuel tanks and fuel systems of businesses
* Storage areas and shipping methods of businesses
* Tools and equipment used in production works
* Business employees
* Disinfection and sterilization of businesses
* Business critical control points

What are the Controls Performed in ISO 13027 Hygiene and Sanitation Audit?

The main reason for ensuring food safety and hygiene; It is based on the consolidation and control of each ring involved in the production of food. It is very important for the farmers, slaughterhouse personnel, food processors and sales people to comply with these conditions and to convey information about food safety and hygiene to the people who follow them in the food chain.

The controls made in the Hygiene and Sanitation inspection are listed as follows:

* Production area hygiene
* Employee hygiene control
Cross-contamination threats
* Business technical equipment compliance
* Control of personnel conditions and personnel social facilities
* Hygiene control of tools and devices
* Hygiene in sales and presentation
* Storage conditions hygiene
* Health information in terms of logistics
* Pest control
* Hygiene of cleaning materials
* Hygiene and storage of packaging materials
* Company visit terms and conditions
* Analysis and test results related to the product
* Distribution conditions
* Laboratory analysis

What are the Benefits of ISO TS 13027 Hygiene and Sanitation Certificate?

The Hygiene and Sanitation standard covers the disinfection and sterilization rules of the food production place, social facilities, the environment of the enterprise, fuel tanks and systems, lighting and heating system, storage places, tools and equipment used in production, and employees.

The benefits of this document, which is so important, are listed as follows:

* Provides an increase in business reputation and an effective marketing opportunity.
* Complies with legal regulations.
* Increases the satisfaction of the consumer segment for the business.
* Provides increase in employee awareness and regular personnel control.
* Ensures the development of health knowledge and control of hygiene in your business.
* As a result of periodic inspections, employees work cleaner and more carefully.
* Creates a chance to create food safety, identify and eliminate existing and potential dangers.
* The organization has a significant competitive advantage.
* Complaints from customers are minimized.

How to get ISO TS 13027 Hygiene and Sanitation Certificate?

First of all, by purchasing the ISO 13027 General Rules for Hygiene and Sanitation in Food Production and Sales Places, you need to establish a management infrastructure with a documentation and organization that fulfills the requirements of the standard in your company. However, employees must have received ISO 13017 Hygiene and Sanitation training. After the entire infrastructure is completed, you request certification to the certification body and your certification process begins. The audit date is planned with the certification body and the certification body comes and inspects your company. If you successfully pass the inspection, you will have ISO 13027 Hygiene and Sanitation certificate.

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