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We are at your service as Ekol Certification in KKDIK consultancy service, which takes the first letters of the words and expressions of Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. With the entry into force of the relevant regulation after its publication in 2017, KKDIK aimed to protect human health and environmental factors. In addition to encouraging alternative methods to companies against the assessments that may result from the damages of substances, it is aimed to increase competition and innovation, and technical procedures, administrative procedures and other principles regarding the registration, evaluation, permission and restriction of chemical products are regulated.

KKDIK covers the supply of chemical substances to the sector, manufacturing processes and the state of the substances when they are mixed with the mixture, their effects on the goods and the whole market supply. In our country, the chemical industry and sector are growing day by day and keeping up with innovation. With KKDIK, the damages of its substances become understandable, and different ways and alternatives of animal experiments, which have been done a lot in the past, will be investigated and the relevant methods will be tried to be inoculated and applied to companies. Any chemical substance that is not registered or included in the scope of KKDIK cannot be placed on the market.

Within the scope of the Registration Evaluation Permission and Restriction of Chemicals, permits are obtained regarding how much a chemical substance will be produced. Permits for the manufacture and import of substances and products registered by KKDIK will have been obtained. Chemical substances are very important. As a matter of fact, before a chemical is put on the market, it is investigated with relevant tests whether it is harmful. Chemicals that will appear as harmful should be explained in detail on safety data sheets in accordance with the legislation.

Resident importers operating in our country have to complete their Turkish Reach (KKDIK) obligations and fulfill the relevant obligations. Turkey is under the control of all of the chemicals in KKDİK. A company that manufactures 1 ton or more of chemical products must definitely perform chemical registration. As Ekol Belgelendirme, we have been able to provide KKDIK consultancy services with our expert staff, consultants and trainers for many years. Our consultants, who have full knowledge of all chemical registration stages, know every step clearly and have a command of the current legislation, are as close to you as a phone call, you can immediately call our numbers on our website, you can get information and offer for chemical registration procedures, KKDIK consultancy.

Purposes of KKDIK Regulation

* Providing high levels of protection against human health from the damages of chemicals.
* Providing a high degree of protection from the damages of chemicals against the environment.
* To make it obligatory for importers, manufacturers or producers to supply chemical products to the safe use.
* It aims to increase the competition and innovative approach in the chemical industry and industry in our country.
* To reduce animal experiments and to reveal alternative methods in order to understand the properties of chemical products and substances.

KKDIK Regulation literally includes regulations against chemicals. There are units through the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization that ensure that the relevant regulation is complied with and ensures that all processes of chemical substances are followed. You can examine all the details regarding the relevant legislation from the help pages of the ministry or you can consult the expert consultants of Ekol Certification over the phone for any questions you may have.

During the KKDIK registration, evaluation and authorization stages, we evaluate all the requests of our customers, analyze the products and substances, and then successfully carry out the necessary work to obtain the KKDIK certificate for your company by producing solutions tailored to the requirements.

Ekol Certification Some of the Services within the Scope of KKDIK

* Determination of the ingredients of imported or manufactured products.
* Determination of the substances outside the scope of KKDIK.
* Identification of substances exempted from KKDIK.
* Research and determination of substances covered by KKDIK.
* Identification of substances subject to KKDIK restriction.
* KKDIK determination of substances subject to special authorization.
* Preparation of KGR or chemical safety report for your company and your products
* Preparation of safety data sheets for your company and products
* Preparing expanded safety information sheets if needed.
* Our third party representation services.
* MBDF, management and preparation of substance information exchange form

And many more services are waiting for you.

In addition, to give information, substances used in biocidal products can be accepted as registered within the scope of the biocidal products regulation. Of course, it will be necessary to fulfill some conditions in order to gain exemption for these transactions. You can contact Ekol Certification company to learn the necessary conditions and get information.

Who Should Have KKDIK Registration

* Institutions, companies or persons that manufacture or import substances in an amount of 1 ton or more than 1 ton annually, alone or in a mixture.

* Manufacturers or importer companies where a substance is present in an amount of 1 ton or more than 1 ton per year under reasonable or normal levels.

* Only representatives.

KKDIK is a necessary principle for those who have to consider human health and the environment in all processes required to manufacture, put on the market or use chemicals. Registration of products covered by KKDIK can be made through the online system. You are in the right place to get information about the process and get KKDIK consultancy service on behalf of your company.

Contact Ekol Certification from our numbers on our website, which you have examined immediately.

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