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LVD abbreviation is Low Voltage Directive (2014/35 / EU) ie; It is an acronym that stands for Low Voltage Directive or Low Voltage Directive. This directive is a directive among the New Approach Directives adopted in the European Union and is concerned with the safety of electrical apparatus. The purpose of the Low Voltage Directive, which is referred to as the Turkish Low Voltage Regulation; to predict, minimize and, if possible, reset, problems related to human environment and property safety in electrical devices before the product is released to the market.

All devices that work with an electrical source with voltage values ??in the range of 50-1000 Volts AC or 75-1500 volts DC or generate electricity at this value are covered by the Low Voltage Regulation. Electric components; If used as a component of an electrical appliance, it falls under the completely new LVD Directive (Low Voltage Directive). Transformers and electric motors are examples of electrical components. In the use of all components such as these, a number of safety assessments must be passed. There may be a special European Standard on such components. The safety of the basic components of some electric vehicles depends on the process of integrating these components into the product (integration, adaptation). Such components (components), which form the basis of electric vehicles, are excluded from the scope of the regulation and do not bear or bear CE marking.

CE marking must be done properly in order for the products to be placed on the market in EU countries and in our country. The Low Voltage Directive of the European Union with the number 73/23 / EC (2006/95 / AT) explains the general criteria that the products within the scope of the directive must comply. This directive has both administrative and protective (measure, measure, etc.) requirements.

Administrative Requirements;

* Marking the product with CE Mark,
* Preparation of the Declaration of Conformity,
* It covers the preparation of the Technical File.

Protection requirements are generally met by ensuring that the products comply with various standards.

LVD Certification

Compliance with the Low Voltage Directive can be done by self-certification / certification without the need for an approved organization. Necessary safety tests should be done and reported according to the relevant standards. In order to make CE marking on a device operating with low voltage, tests should be made within the scope of the Low Voltage Regulation and the reports regarding these tests should be kept in technical files. Devices that pass the relevant tests and provide the necessary procedures are offered to the market by obtaining an LVD Test Report. The product is both structurally safe or compliant with the relevant standards and regulations in terms of energy efficiency with the LVD Certificate within the scope of this regulation. In this way, it is aimed that both the manufacturer will safely launch the product and the end user will use the product without any doubt. LVD test reports, which form the basis of the technical file prepared for CE marking, are valid for ten years if there is no change in the product or the standard.

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