Management Systems Consultancy

As Ekol Belgelendirme, we are now at the service of all SMEs in our Management Systems consultancy service. In a competitive market environment, the power of companies to exist is becoming very difficult due to the globalization of their competitors. We are living both the technology age and the age of quality at the same time we came. Thanks to the quality management systems, we are in a period where the company´s products and services are more ahead. In order to keep up with the market conditions in a period when the quality of your service and the quality of your product is considered, you need to get support from experts and quality companies. We offer our management systems consultancy services under the roof of Ekol Certification with our competent consultants and professional trainers in this field.

With Ekol Certification, you can find the weaknesses of your company and ensure that it continues its operations with maximum performance. You can complete the managerial development and institutionalization feet of your company by getting management consultancy from our expert company. With our management consultancy service, our experts prepare the entire report of your company and present you the defective aspects.

Thanks to the management consultancy service, internal situation analysis can be provided. At the same time, the company´s organizational charts are reviewed and the organization chart is renewed by combining all the details that need to be arranged. You can benefit from our Management Consultancy service for your company to have a say in the national and international market and to institutionalize.

By taking management consultancy service, you can create a road map of your company for the future and determine strategies to reach your goals. All CE, TSE and ISO certificates required within the company can be brought to the company through Ekol Certification. In our management consultancy service where we will deal with healthy growth methods, the culture of your company is developed, your leaders are developed, and the job definition is made completely and clearly.

Ekol Certification firm located in Istanbul can offer you these services with its expert staff wherever you are. Our experts can provide you with all the ISO documents you need in our management systems consultancy activities. You can review all the services and details offered on our website.

In our globalizing world, it is not enough just to produce the product, to offer good goods, and to provide services cheaply. Now, you must make your service, products and your company comply with international standards and continue your activities in accordance with the required standards. The products you produce to meet the expectations of your customers, the services you provide and your company must respect the environment, continue their activities in accordance with occupational health and safety and fulfill their social responsibilities. We are here to offer you the best services in this field, you can call us and get information about our company management systems consultancy service.

Management Systems Consultancy Certification Services

* ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Consultancy
* HACCP Consultancy
* ISO 21001 Training Institutions Management System Consultancy
* ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management System Consultancy
* ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy
* ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Consultancy
* ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Consultancy
* ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management System Consultancy
* ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System Consultancy
* ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Consultancy

For all ISO document types and other services written above, you can call the numbers on the Ekol Certification website and instantly get answers to all your questions and price offers from your customer representatives to be assigned to you.

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