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Ekol Certification, which provides medical product consultancy services, has been successfully offering UTS Registration consultancy and UBB registration consultancy services to you, our valuable visitors, for many years with its professional staff.


The Product tracking system, namely the UTS project, which started in early 2014, was carried out by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Software Technologies Research Institute (YTE) and T.C. Ministry of Health, Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK) joint venture. In the product tracking system, it ensures that every route from the production stage of medical devices and cosmetic products to the end user is followed and traced. We all know that this project, which started to be implemented fully in 2017, is very beneficial and provides great benefits.

Individual tracking processes begin thanks to the product tracking system. For those who import the product, every process is monitored from the customs to the end user right after the product passes and from the time the products produced in our country to the end user. It is aimed to record the statistical data of the products you will export. If you are requesting consultancy for your company´s medical products, you can contact Ekol Consulting firm for production, UTS registration and follow-up of the products you import.

We provide our services with our staff specialized in the field of medical product consultancy. With the UTS registration, the data of all products are taken under control. You will have a reliable product because all processes in the production stages, production and import of cosmetic products, medical devices are controlled, and at the same time, the free circulation of defective, fake or spoiled products in the market will be prevented.

If we look at the other objectives of the UTS system, all tests, controls, transportation stages and storage conditions for the products will be under control and they will be included in the safe product list. It is also aimed to ensure that the inventories, maintenance repairs, calibration and warranty processes of medical devices are correct, proper and followed.

Ministry of Health UBB Company and Product Registration

Article 16 of the Medical Devices Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 03.03.2002 and numbered In accordance with the provisions of article 13 of the Regulation on Medical Diagnostic Devices Used Outside the Body published in the Official Gazette (these regulations were updated and re-published in the Official Gazette dated 09/01/2007 and numbered 26398); Medical devices, dealers and technical services within the scope of the relevant regulations produced and imported by the manufacturers and importer companies located in our country. It must notify the Medicine and Medical Device National Information Bank (TITUBB).

As Ekol Certification, our experienced consultants are at your service to follow up your work and documents and complete the missing stages in all these registration procedures. You can call our customer service numbers on our site in order to get detailed information about the medical product consultancy we provide with our affordable prices.

Medical Product Consultancy Services Offered by Ekol Certification

* Medical label preparation service
* UBB registration services
* Sterilization and validation
* Medical vigilance
* Medical device distribution
* Medical risk analysis service
* Medical device design service
* Medical devices and interaction service for medical personnel
* Software validation
* Product design services of medical and medical devices
* ACS Service * Biocompatibility service
* Validation and hygiene activities
* Üts registration service

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