National Knowledge Base (UBB) Registration

UBB, which is the abbreviation of national data bank, has been obliged to include companies and products in the system in order to be able to participate in the tenders of the relevant ministries, especially the medical companies in the Ministry of Health. Companies must register with UBB for themselves and their products. Companies that do not have UBB registration cannot enter all auctions. For this reason, you can contact us immediately and get consultancy service for national data bank registration, which is a must for your company.

The Republic of Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (TITCK) has made the transition to UTS registration systems instead of the old UBB registration systems. We have included this content on our website in order to reach those who searched the old system knowingly. It is a system in which all products and devices in the medical field are controlled from production to import until they reach the end user. This system, where registrations and notifications are made, works web-based.

Ekol Certification via medical device companies continue their activities in the area, producing or importing firms of all devices Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency product tracking system (UTS) are required to register. You can open these records by getting professional support from Ekol Certification company and ensure that we obtain the necessary permissions for your companies and institutions. All the necessary steps in the production and import processes of the devices in order to obtain the approval of the ministry and to supply your products to the market will be under the control of our company and the records will be opened.

Firms that do not have UBB and ÜTS registrations cannot offer their production to the market or obtain import permits. The approval of the production of your medical devices must be obtained and they must be approved by the ministries required for import operations by completing all their processes.


In the required registration process stages, the registration process company records, document records and product records stages follow one another. You should know that all the required documents at the registration stages will be reminded by our experts and support can be obtained during the preparation stage. Ekol Certification experts follow all the processes of UBB registration. You can reach us immediately to get detailed information from our experts with high level of professional experience and to learn the answers to the questions in your mind.


Some documents you will need while registering your company to the UBB system are as follows;

* Your notarized signature cycle
* Your chamber of commerce certificate
* Notarized copy of your trade registry newspaper
* Complete and completely filled out the required application form ..

UBB Registration fees can change every year, so it would not be correct to specify a fee on our site. If you wish, you can call our numbers on our website to get information about our current pricing policy and send any questions you may have about our service.

As Ekol Certification, we are with you for UBB registration. We are at your service with our expert staff and professional team.

For more information, questions in your mind and for UBB registration for your company, call our numbers on our website immediately to get an offer.

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