Pellet Approval Test and ENPlus Certification

We have all the processes you need for Pellet Approval Test and ENPlus Certification. With our expert staff, we take the necessary steps to obtain all certificates and start exporting as soon as possible.

ENPlus certification processes concern pellet manufacturers in our country. Before moving on to the details about certification, we would like to talk about Pellet products, which have been in a rapidly increasing demand for export in recent years.

What is Pellet? How is it produced? What is the benefit?

Small flat, oval particles are called pellets, which are completely obtained from agricultural wastes, woods, industrial wood residues, and which are obtained by processing the wastes in the forest and in order to obtain energy by increasing the density. The pellets have a cylindrical shape and are in small pieces with an average of 8 10 mm in diameter - 20 30 mm in length.

Due to the problems in the increasing use of energy resources both in our country and in Europe, an increase in demand for different products has been observed. Pellet products have entered our lives in many areas. For example, they are the products used in meeting the heating needs of the houses, the heating needs of the workplaces, the needs in the industrial sector, the heating needs in the industrial productions and in some areas in the electricity production. With stoker systems installed on heating boilers, we can meet your heating needs in a more natural and more environmentally friendly way.


The EN PLUS A1 certificate issued by the European Pellet Council regarding pellet products can be provided by Ekol Certification in Turkey. It is known that the authority examines the heat rate, ash rate and similar variables related to the new generation fuel pellet used for heating purposes and presents the requirements in this field. You can get information, support and offers from our company Ekol Certification for all pellet classifications and basic requirements. PELLET PRODUCTS manufactured in our country need EN PLUS A1 certificate in order to reach the European market and be sold there.

How to Get En Plus A1 Certificate?

In order to obtain the EN Plus A1 Certificate, your first stop should be Ekol Certification, which has numerous experiences in this field. If you need to sort the information about the process step by step to get the document, first of all, we fill out your document application form. After the most suitable offer that our company will present to you, our teams are directed to you for on-site inspection. Samples of the manufactured pellets are sent to the accredited laboratories where we work to determine the quality and quality of the pellets for testing. After the inspection of the pellets, we prepare the inspection reports and if the report is positive, we share the results with the EPD, the European Pellet Council, which is the licensee of the EN PLUS brand. The council, which receives these results, creates an ENPLUS ID for you and the process is completed in this way on behalf of your company.

We offer our services with an experienced team in this field.

You can reach us via our live support line on our website, which you have just examined, in order to get the En Plus certificate.

This document is issued for 3 years. It is known that companies that meet their requirements in certification processes within the scope of certification are subject to annual audits. If you would like to learn more about the certification processes and get an offer from experts for this service, never hesitate to call Ekol.

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