Pellet Fuel Consultancy

You can get services from expert consultants of Ekol Certification Company in order to get Pellet Fuel Consultancy and to generate income by delivering the products you manufacture to wider audiences in the European Market. You can sell pellet fuels all over the world by being among the ENPlus certified producers.

The products manufactured by pellet manufacturers demonstrate the importance given to recycling. In recent years, when the demand for pellet fuels produced with a lot of waste residue, sawdust and other materials has exploded after the energy crisis that started in Europe, we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the products you produce are produced in accordance with the European standards and that they are sold comfortably in the EU market. . This process is carried out as a result of the processes performed on wood and other product residues. We make the necessary applications for the EN Plus A1 certificate for the appropriately produced pellet fuels, and we will ensure that you have the certificate after the tests are completed in a short time.

En Plus Certification Systems

Within the scope of the process, we direct our teams to you for the fastest follow-up, reaching the fastest result and appropriate pricing. When you want to get an instant offer, you can contact us via the live support line or whatsapp line on our site.

It is possible to produce both heating and electricity from this product, which is obtained by the combination of the wastes in the pellet fuels, which is in the first place among the bioenergy sources and where the demand is very high. Regardless of the city where the facility established for pellet production is located, we offer the best prices for many certificates needed to support domestic investors. You can get service from Ekol Certification for exporting these fuels obtained as a result of recycling to foreign countries. You can immediately benefit from our consultancy services for these products, which are known as alternative heat and energy fuels and whose demands are increasing within the scope of the climate crises that started in the world.

With the rapid progress in the world population and the increase in the need for energy, the tendency to other fuels has increased due to the depletion of fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources are the greatest need for all countries seeking alternative energy sources and orientation to new energy sources due to the high CO2 emissions released by fossil fuels into our atmosphere. Biofuel has the most important place in this field. You can get service from Ekol Certification firm to access corporate information and globally accepted details regarding the details of the latest update for pellet fuels in 2013.

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